Why Should You Secure Your Gear?

Founded in the off-road community with a passion for making unique solutions for the things that move, BuiltRight Industries is focused around keeping gear secured safely throughout your travels. Accidents can happen, unexpected motion does occur when we least expect it, so planning ahead and keeping your essential (and potentially dangerous) equipment mounted properly in your rig can be the difference between an insurance claim and a life altering event.

After a crash, having quick access to your communications is essential. Keeping navigation securely mounted in your line-of-sight and being able to grab a phone in an emergency is a must. One of our customers, Mike B. rolled his Raptor back in 2021 - luckily everyone was alright, the truck was pretty banged up, but our dash mount kept his devices right where they needed to be throughout the ordeal. 

Whether you're planning on just mounting a couple phones, or a dash cam, radar, GPS, radio and tablet, our dash mounts combined with Mountech's ball/arm components and phone mount bundles are the industry leader when it comes to rugged device mounting solutions.

Watch the Dash Mount installation and outfitting episode of our Raptor Build Series by clicking here! In this video we get our Mountech gear all set up for Matt's phone and an ICOM ID-5100A radio controller. Watch the radio install video here.

Remember this guy? That's Jason Loeliger of Devil Mountain Diesel, he raced his Raptor in Hoonigan's 'This VS. That' off-road series, and in this video he sent his 2nd Gen to the moon! The truck sustained some damage of course, Jason was a bit shaken up, the internet went wild and our dash mount held his tablet and phone the whole time.

Our patent pending rigid Seat Back MOLLE Kits provide a meticulously-engineered, rugged solution for interior gear mounting. Arguably the most important space in your vehicle - the cabin is where you spend the most time and where it is most essential to keep your gear secure. The last thing you want in an accident is to have the equipment you keep stashed around bouncing off you and the inside of your truck. Our pouches, Packout mounting brackets and mounts are commonly installed on our Seat Back MOLLE Panel Kits to locate gear. These kits are constructed of steel exclusively - no flimsy plastic or cheap nylon strapping - and they can handle all of your heavier items like tool boxes, fire extinguishers and firearms with ease. 

Also, if you've ever used or encountered our products and leave honest reviews for them on this site (builtrightind.com) before May 1st, 2024 like Whit did above, you'll be entered to win a black YETI Tundra 45 cooler

Click here to watch Matt outfit his Raptor with our Seat Back MOLLE Kit, a Packout, pouch, fire extinguisher and some Mountech gear! In this episode we also compare our rigid Seat Back Panel to a no-name Amazon solution made of plastic and fabric... the difference was honestly unsurprising - there isn't even a competition. We aren't fighting for the same customer base, that being said, if you need a real, rugged interior mounting solution, look no further! Learn more here.

Our patented Bedside MOLLE Storage Panels are carefully engineered for each vehicle we offer them for. They transform the wasted space in your bed or cargo area into valuable, modular real estate for gear storage. The concept came to Matt when he was using his old F-150 to pick up a pallet of material and discovered he still had camping gear from the weekend in his bed. After quickly evaluating the situation he unloaded his stuff, got the pallet in the bed, reloaded everything against the bedsides and drove home to design the very first bedside-mounted MOLLE racks. 

Many iterations, makes and models later, here we are! There are many copycats out there by now, but between our industry-leading customer support, experience in the field and being manufactured right here in the USA, none of them quite stack up. If we don't support your vehicle yet and you would like us to, please reach out to customer support and let us know! We decide which vehicles to make parts for simply based on demand, so give us a shout.

Our bedside organization systems including the Bulkhead Accessory Rail (BAR) are meant for those who need to be able to utilize their entire bed depth and carry tools and equipment regularly. While some storage systems cannibalize the majority of your usable bed space, that isn't an option for us - it defeats a huge purpose of having a truck bed. We need full functionality, with robust capability to keep essentials on board daily. 

Watch our Raptor Bedside MOLLE Installation and Outfitting episode here!

Soon after designing bedside-specific MOLLE panels, Matt figured the same 'Block and Slot' mounting pattern would function perfectly for more universal mounting applications. There has always been a need for securing equipment and gear inside of trailers, vans, gun safes, garages, you name it. Wherever there is a drill-able or mountable surface that you can imagine being used for gear storage, one of our 5 sizes of Universal MOLLE Tech Plates and Hardware Kits will work.

Paired with our variety of mounts, bags and attachments (more details below) you can turn wasted space into functional, modular storage. Watch our Tech Plate product overview here, and click here to discover how Matt uses our smallest Tech Plate!

Another universal storage solution for your vehicle (or really anything with looped fabric) is our MOLLE Tech Panels, which are durable, velcro-backed textile organizers for cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, truck bed caps - you get the idea! They hold a surprising amount of weight, come in small, medium and large, and work perfectly with most MOLLE webbing accessories out there. We do sell them in bundles with locking carabiners and elastic ties that we call 'web dominators'. These panels can quickly turn a cluttered mess into a very organized loadout. Click here to learn more!

Watch our soft MOLLE Tech Panels in action!

Velcro Tech Panel - Black | Medium (4" x 15.5")-Interior-BuiltRight Industries

Our medium and larger MOLLE Tech Panels will support large pouches loaded up, but of course it depends on how much weight and bulk you're putting in there. They will hold most average size laptops, they're perfect for jumper cables, shackles, bungees and ratchet straps. Most of our Mounts and Attachments are intended for use on our rigid, metal MOLLE panels or Tech Plates, but we love how universal our MOLLE Pouches are.

There are a bunch of staple mounts we see going out the door consistently, and we're always coming up with new attachments and accessories to make your setup more logical and easy to operate. We recently added a MOLLE Attachment Starter Kit to the site, it includes our Super Clamp + Riser Mount Combos, Original Clamp + Riser Mount Combos and a bunch of MOLLE Nuts to get you going outfitting rigid MOLLE panels. Check out the kit here

Another mounting solution that gets a lot of attention are our Mounting Brackets for Milwaukee Packout. We offer small and large kits, they install painlessly on our rigid MOLLE panels, and once installed they're very low-profile and keep your boxes up and out of the way. 

Read more about which gear we try to always keep in our daily drivers by clicking hereIf you have any stories or examples of why securing the gear in your vehicle is absolutely essential (if you're a firefighter or EMS we know you probably have more than you should), please share by leaving them in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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