The Cybertruck is WILD

As you might have already seen last week on Instagram, we picked up our Cybertruck... a vehicle that's as innovative as it is divisive. Our goal is to design, engineer and manufacture our signature gear storage accessories, extending the Cybertruck's capabilities more effectively than anything else on the market. This vehicle has tons of opportunities, we're not only looking at it as a ridiculous addition to our fleet, it's an angular canvas for developing top-tier accessories to enhance storage and functionality. 

Picking Up The Truck 

Our journey began with a trip to Mount Kisco Tesla, eager to finally get our hands on the vehicle that's redefining the limits of automotive design and production. We waited for a little while, but thankfully there were no surprises, fog machines or strobe lights. Walking around it for the first time, the lines, shapes and proportions truly amazed us, the fact that they managed to pull off mass-production of the Cybertruck is incredible! Our initial key takeaways are the insane single windshield wiper, the quick drive-by-wire steering and small turning radius, thanks in part to the truck's four wheel steering. The power curve feels more linear than the Rivian R1T's, but still quick and controlled. It rides comfortably and the interior is roomy enough, it's easy to forget about the ridiculous exterior when you're sitting inside. Other motorists trying to take photos of it while driving by is a quick and unfortunately dangerous reminder that you're in a very odd looking vehicle.

Initial Exploration and Accessory Ideas 

Upon returning with the Cybertruck, our team was immediately fascinated by its unique design elements — each offering new suggestions and opportunities for accessory innovation. From the geometrically challenged body to the minimalist interior, we saw endless potential for enhancing this thing's utility with our modular accessories. We paid close attention to the structural features such as the L-track along the bedsides, the layout of the dash and seats in the interior. We will be creating a host of classic BuiltRight accessories for this truck and will  definitely be designing a few new ones considering it's such a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

3D Scanning for Precision Engineering

A key step in our process is 3D scanning the Cybertruck. This procedure ensures our accessories will fit perfectly and function seamlessly with the vehicle's design. We 3D scanned the entire bed already, and we will be scanning the entire interior down the road. By understanding the precise dimensions and lines of the Cybertruck, we're laying the groundwork for developing accessories that exceed the standard for rugged modular gear storage.

Test Driving and Functional Insights 

Driving the Cybertruck back from Mount Kisco offered valuable insight into its performance and user experience, informing our accessory development process. We evaluated how the vehicle's size, handling, storage and electric powertrain might influence the need for specific materials and accessories. We always find it crucial to spend some time living with the vehicles we're designing parts for - this exposes the ownership pain points that wouldn't be found if we were simply borrowing the truck. It's going to be a fun challenge designing storage solutions that are not just functional, but perfectly aligned with the Cybertruck's futuristic ethos.

Our mission here at BuiltRight Industries goes beyond simply adding to the growing market of truck accessories. We aim to set the standard for quality and innovation, ensuring reliable gear storage and safety, leveraging our expertise to create accessories that enhance functionality and design. Click here to learn more about our Tesla Cybertruck Bedside MOLLE Panels. Stay tuned as we continue to develop and share our line of premium Cybertruck accessories, designed with precision and passion for those who only settle for the best! 

Watch our full Cybertruck Introduction video:

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