Tesla Cybertruck Accessories

While other traditional truck accessory brands fight the EV trend, we're leaning into it. We love our ICE trucks as much as the rest but we're also dedicated to embracing innovation and exciting new projects. Nothing fits that mission better than creating the very first aftermarket Tesla Cybertruck accessories.

Prototyping Cybertruck MOLLE Panels

In this video, our founder, Matt, gets a head start on designing our Tesla Cybertruck MOLLE Panel kit using known measurements and some educated guesses. He finishes by prototyping the MOLLE panels on our plasma table!

Engineering The MOLLE Cargo Racks

This brief article summarizes the design process that our engineering team used to create our patented MOLLE compatible cargo panels for the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck Delivery Event

After four years of anticipation, delays, and a few missteps, the Cybertruck has finally hit the streets. Elon Musk hosted the broadcasted delivery event at the brand-new factory in Austin, Texas. Read more to see our main takeaways.

2023 Raptor VS.
2024 Cybertruck!

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