Cybertruck License Plate Mount | Tesla Cybertruck (2024+)
Cybertruck License Plate Mount | Tesla Cybertruck (2024+)
Cybertruck License Plate Mount | Tesla Cybertruck (2024+)
Cybertruck License Plate Mount | Tesla Cybertruck (2024+)

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Cybertruck License Plate Mount | Tesla Cybertruck (2024+)

  • Made in USA, Lifetime Warranty
* To prevent damage, we do not recommend using non-touchless carwashes when you have one of these kits installed.
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Dealers and manufacturers have been known to do unspeakable things when it's time to mount a license plate before vehicle delivery. Let your Cybertruck delivery person know that they don't need to install the front plate holder - you've got a BuiltRight License Plate Mount.

This kit is designed specifically for the Tesla Cybertruck, installs easily in minutes and allows for quite a bit of adjustment based on preference.


Cybertruck License Plate Mount Engineering

BuiltRight has a simple, robust solution. Our license plate mount for the Tesla Cybertruck is designed to mount in front of the driver's side tow hook and is easily removed if needed. High resolution 3D scans along with detailed CAD design and countless 3D printed prototypes means you're getting a product that's been refined and tested by a fellow Cybertruck owner. Installation takes just a few minutes with basic hand tools.

  • Preserve the lines of the front end by offsetting your plate
  • Made in USA. Lifetime Warranty.

Read more about the product design process for the Cybertruck License Plate Relocation Kit here!


  • Laser cut and CNC formed for perfect fit
  • Black texture powdercoat for corrosion resistance
  • Extremely durable 12ga steel construction
  • Integrated threaded inserts for easy installation
  • 1/4" slots throughout for endless mounting adjustability
  • Lifetime Warranty. 100% Made in USA.

Kit Includes: 

  • 1x Mounting Bracket
  • 1x Plate Mounting Bracket
  • 1x Stainless Steel Hardware Kit
  • 2x BuiltRight License Plate Frames


Tesla Cybertruck (2024+)


Installation of the BuiltRight Cybertruck License Plate Mount on the 2024+ Tesla Cybertruck requires a few simple tools. Detailed installation video coming soon, but the steps below outline the process.

  1. Remove the small trim piece surrounding the driver's side tow hook by pushing down in the two recessed areas at the top to release clips
  2. Loosen the small bolt below the tow hook but do not remove
  3. Slide included bracket into plate, straighten and then tighten
  4. Replace the trim piece
  5. Install the included main plate mount in your preferred location


Built Right, Right Here

Our License Plate Relocation Kits are manufactured from 12ga steel that's zinc plated and powder coating for corrosion resistance. Composite parts, if applicable, are injection molded from a glass fiber reinforced nylon.

The Perfect Fit

BuiltRight is an engineering company before all else and we're obsessed with great mechanical design. Each product has a story of ideas, innovation and iteration until it's just right.

One of the ways that we keep our License Plate Relocation Kits affordable is to use the same 'backing plate' on all of them. This plate offers a large number of slots and adjustment but it's important to understand that depending on your vehicle, that adjustment may be limited.

Proximity Sensors
Safety First

Many new vehicles feature ultrasonic proximity sensors which help with parking and obstacle avoidance. Each of our kits is designed and tested with this in mind. Installation may require some care to ensure that sensors aren't obstructed, but there will always be a location where there is no issue. If you have trouble finding it, just reach out and our experts can help!

Buy with Confidence

Consider this a no-BS, satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked promise. Here's the thing - you won't need it. On average, we process one warranty claim for every 9,827 products we ship.

American Made

BuiltRight License Plate Relocation Kits are proudly made right here in the US using the highest quality domestic materials we can get our hands on. When it comes to safety, think twice before choosing to trust a cheap imitation.

Setup Assistance

Needs some help with an installation? We're all 'truck guys' here, so technical support from somebody who uses our products is just a call or email away.

Industry-best Customer Support

Lifetime warranty + Lifetime customer support backed by a real person. (yes, that's Matt)

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