The Development of the Cybertruck License Plate Mount

At BuiltRight Industries, our dedication to combining aesthetics, functionality, and new engineering technology is evident in our latest product release - the Cybertruck License Plate Mount. This journey from concept to product exemplifies our commitment to fast, agile engineering, utilizing advanced 3D scanning, SolidWorks for precision engineering, and 3D printing for iterative prototyping. Here, we detail the process behind the BuiltRight Cybertruck License Plate Mount, designed to seamlessly integrate with the Tesla Cybertruck's unique structure and offer an alternative to the 'front and center' OEM location.

Conceptualizing the Cybertruck License Plate Mount

The Tesla Cybertruck, with its avant-garde design and robust features, inspired us to create a License Plate Mount that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for those who prefer an offset license plate mount. Our objective was to engineer a mount that easily attaches near the tow hook of the truck to a factory bolt, making installation quick and simple.

tesla cybertruck license plate mount

Precision Engineering with 3D Scanning

The initial phase involved employing 3D scanning technology to capture the exact dimensions and contours of the Cybertruck's tow hook area. This step was crucial to ensure that the Cybertruck License Plate Mount would integrate flawlessly, without affecting the vehicle's design or functionality. The detailed digital model obtained from the 3D scan served as a foundational guide for the subsequent design phase.

tesla cybertruck license plate relocation kit

Design Refinement in SolidWorks

Leveraging the capabilities of SolidWorks, we embarked on the task of designing the Cybertruck License Plate Mount. The first step was to use the software to clean up our CAD model of the front of the Cybertruck. From there, SolidWorks enabled us to design a bracket that mounted to the low hook area and require no trimming of factory trim, ensuring a perfect fit and exceptional durability without permanent modification.

Prototyping and Iteration with 3D Printing

Following the design phase, we utilized 3D printing technology to create a physical prototype that could be quickly tested. This step allowed for rapid iteration, enabling us to test and refine the Cybertruck License Plate Mount. The ability to quickly produce and iterate prototypes was important in optimizing the design, ensuring it met our requirements for functionality and style and fit perfectly.

cybertruck license plate mount

Bringing It to Production

This whole process is nothing without outstanding execution when it comes to production. Because the kit utilizes the same main plate holder that we use on other License Plate Relocation Kits, the only new component is the mounting bracket. This bracket will be laser cut from steel, zinc plated for corrosion resistance and then powdercoated for additional protection and a great black texture finish that closely matches the factory plastics. We can't wait to see these on the road! 

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