Truck Bed MOLLE Panels

BuiltRight Industries is the original inventor of MOLLE panel systems for truck beds. The idea came one Monday morning when our Founder, Matt, arrived at a manufacturing partner to pick up a pallet of material when he opened his truck bed to find a mess of camping gear. Whoops. After cleaning up and loading the pallet, he saw the rest of the space that was wasted above the wheel wells. With that, the latest in truck bed storage was born - truck bed MOLLE panels.


BuiltRight's signature 'block and slot' MOLLE pattern offers more than just rectangular openings for your pouches and straps. The horizontal slots provide a mounting location for all kinds of clamps, brackets, mounts, etc.

truck bed molle panel
truck bed storage molle panel attachments axe mount hi lift mount
A Complete Solution
Truck Bed Storage System

In addition to our patented truck bed MOLLE panels, BuiltRight offers a growing collection of clamps and attachments designed specifically for our panels. Allow us to help you make the best use of your MOLLE panels!

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63 products

An Engineered Approach

These panels may look simple (that's the idea!) but behind each one is a thorough engineering and test process which ensures that each and every BuiltRight truck bed molle panel fits perfectly, installs easily and outlasts your truck.

truck bed molle panel engineering and design