What product categories will you be focusing on?

We are evaluating each major product category (suspension, powertrain, chassis, etc) and will solicit input from the community as we make decisions regarding which products we pursue and with what level of priority. Our primary goal is to provide products where despite a very crowded market, there is still a need.


What are your manufacturing capabilities?

Along with our local manufacturing partners, our capabilities include CNC machining, laser and waterjet cutting, tube bending/coping, metal casting, MIG/TIG welding and electrical wiring/assembly. If a design requires it, we can do it.


There are already 3845 businesses making product XYZ. What makes you different?

We offer more than a product. BuiltRight offers an experience that begins with an extreme level of detail regarding the technical merits of a product and ends with post-purchase support. BuiltRight customers won't just receive stunningly well-crafted products that fit their machines like a glove; they'll put them through their paces with the confidence that the BuiltRight engineering team put the same care into their development that was put into their machine from the factory.


What's your favorite meal?

We're a backyard BBQ kind of crew around here. Burgers, brats, potato salad - you name it. Local craft beers around here are great, but some nights in the garage, a Miller Lite hits the spot, ya know?


Do you need product testers!?

Always! Send us an email so that we can get your contact info and setup on file for future use.