Rigid Seatback MOLLE Panel Kits

Here's the bottom line. If you're a plastic-panel-strapped-to-the-seat kind of guy, our kits are not for you. We design and manufacture the only (patent pending) rigidly mounted seat back MOLLE panel on the market. No shifting, no torn leather, no loose equipment, no BS.

Safety First

Rigid Mounting

Our seatback MOLLE kits keep your most important items where you put them. Ready for use but securely mounted during an accident, off-road excursion or break-in.

Factory Fit and Finish

During installation, you'll notice that the fit and finish of our Seat Back MOLLE kits feel like they were there from the factory. Installation takes just minutes with standard hand-tools.

Prevents Damage

Traditional seat back MOLLE solutions involve universal nylon webbing with buckles that cinch tight around your upholstry. The result is shifting of the panel while in motion and ultimately, damage to your seats. BuiltRight Seat Back MOLLE kits mount rigidly to the frame of the seat and are kept clear of your upholstry.