Designing our first Rivian R1T Accessory - MOLLE Compatible Cargo Panels

I'll keep this brief since the videos below tell the story pretty well! Our Rivian R1T was delivered last week and we've wasted no time digging into the development of R1T accessories. We're excited to explore the possibility of adding to our patented Bedside Rack System lineup with the R1T MOLLE compatible cargo panel for the cab wall of the truck. I imagine I'll get the side panels done soon as well.


The Rivian is proving to be a very interesting platform for us with how much storage and organization potential it has! Check out this first video, which features the 3D scanning of the bed.


In the second video (below), I set out to design and prototype MOLLE Panel for the Rivian R1T so that I had a place to mount my usual gear just like in other trucks. It went pretty well - check it out! WARNING: Some boring engineering content enclosed.

With that, I'll spend a few weeks using the panel, experimenting with attachments and gauging interest from others. With the Rivian R1T accessory market being so small, it may not make sense to bring this to market but we'll make that call based on the feedback that we receive. In any case, this is a fun change of pace from a few of the other platforms that we've been spending a ton of time on!

You don't have to love electric vehicles or the Rivian to love a company that's trying something a little outside the box. The R1T certainly fits that description and being a brand that's dedicated to experimenting and innovating, we couldn't resist. Don't worry, our 'real trucks' haven't gone anywhere!

Matt Beenen



  • Scott Power

    The cab side rack is just perfect. One note: the lower left mount on my R1T really requires a slightly shorter length screw. Everything works and I use the TreeFrog fork mounts and two mountain and 1 road bike.

  • Joe Collazo

    I’m very interested in your MOLLE accessories for the Rivian R1T.

  • Jeff

    I work in the film industry and most of my gear is stored in flight cases and pelican style cases. I am very interested in the Molle cargo panels for my R1T to give me plenty of tie down points to keep cases from sliding around. Keep up the good work and let me know when they’re available!

  • Brett Kelly

    Man that looks great, I hope you can get enough interest to bring it to market as I would love one.

  • Dave

    Brilliant design! I’d be very interested in purchasing for my R1T.

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