Introducing The Mountech Rod Rig!

In this week's Building BuiltRight episode, Matt breaks down one of our newest products we're offering through Mountech, and specifically the marine side of the company. We're avid outdoorsmen and women, so discovering the Rod Rig's inventors, their story and current position with the project's growth was very exciting. We jumped on the opportunity to bring this solution to market, and a few months later here we are! 

These incredibly robust fishing rod holders are perfect for SUVs, vans and wagons - they are easy to use, well designed and solve a common problem for many folks who love fishing. Our current stock of Rod Rigs is getting low, and we'll be reworking a couple aspects of the product before restocking them. While the Rod Rig can already be mounted in many different locations, we plan on making the individual rod holder assemblies even more universally mountable.

Our vision is to use the rod holder assemblies to mount your fishing rods anywhere - bedside racks, boat decks/canopies, trailers, truck bed caps, garage walls, you name it! We'll be adding multiple mounting features to the 'triangular' face of the rod holder so it can interface perfectly with our MOLLE panels, BAR, and hardware kits for truly universal installations.

The Rod Rig has a relatively simple assembly, but currently has multiple pieces connected with stainless steel hardware where a single, injection-molded glass fiber reinforced nylon composite part would do the job perfectly. We are planning on making this change with the next production run, which will decrease assembly time and remove the need for a good amount of stainless hardware - all of which will allow us to continue producing these at a fair and competitive price. The rod holder piece will look slightly different than it does now, and have a good amount of added functionality. If you order after we sell through our initial stock, you'll be receiving an updated model of the Rod Rig, but as the product currently sits, it is ridiculously functional and reliable, and there's nothing else like it on the market.

The aluminum bars that the rod holders mount onto are still great for this application and will continue to do the job perfectly. We may decide to anodize them black for a sleeker fit and finish, but their design and structure currently does not need to be altered. The same is true for the heavy duty mechanical suction cups on each end, after testing them for a couple months, we're thoroughly impressed by their strength and durability, so they will not need to be changed at all!

We're actually considering selling bundles with suction cups and hardware to mount our Universal MOLLE Tech Plates anywhere flat-ish and somewhat glossy... The idea started out as a contender for this year's April Fools Day joke, but when we saw enough genuine interest in it as a product, we decided to pivot and are seriously considering selling these kits. Let us know down in the comments below or directly through email/phone if you'd be interested in a suction cup MOLLE panel mounting solution! But back to the Rod Rig, the 3D printed part that connects the aluminum bars to the suction cups will most likely get a rework to improve durability, rigidity and ease of manufacturing/assembly, but overall there will not be drastic changes to this product's materials or its design.

Click here to learn more about the Mountech Rod Rig!

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  • Cory @ BuiltRight

    Hey Ron! We dont have anything inherently designed for that, BUT we did make a panel in collaboration with DB that you could use quick fists or other mount to hold your rods! You can find it here:

  • Ron

    Do you have any sort of bracket setup that would bolt to the underside of a diamondback bed cover. Looking for two rod holders that would mount permanently to keep rods up and out of the way.

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