Who We Are

It's in our DNA

We're 2am nights in the garage with your buddies. We're that rush of adrenaline when the pedal's to the floor and you're 'pretty sure'. We're breaking things, fixing them and then breaking them again. We're burgers, brats and beers at the end of a long day. We get it.


Matt Beenen

Matt is the founder and President of BuiltRight Industries. Matt's a mechanical engineer with a background in military weapons systems and business leadership in the automotive aftermarket industry. Currently driving a 2023 Raptor.

Matty Jones

Matty is the Operations Manager at BuiltRight. As a firefighter with the local volunteer fire department, he brings a great deal of experience with equipment storage. Currently driving a 2021 GMC AT4.

Matt Homes

Matt Homes is the Customer Service Manager at BuiltRight. He also handles all social media communication. If you reach out, he's probably the one reaching back. Currently driving a 2008 GMC Sierra.

Leah Hughes

Leah is our Special Projects Manager and Product Photographer. She is a Navy Veteran with a passion for off-roading. Currently driving a 2023 Subaru Outback.

Jerid Suchy

Jerid is the Director of Sales and Marketing at BuiltRight. When he and his mustache aren't building relationships, he's in the desert or on the river with his family. Currently driving a 2017 F-150.

Max Mayone

Max joins us from the Green Mountains of Vermont and brings with him a background in communications and media production. If you catch us on video, Max was the one behind the camera! Currently driving a 2023 Nissan Frontier.

Dennis Frank

Dennis is our Production and Logistics Manager. When you open a BuiltRight box, there's a good chance Dennis was a part of packing it. When he's not at BuiltRight, he's restoring boats!

Luke ZImmerman

Luke is a Warehouse Associate and spends all day keeping parts flowing through the shop. Like BuiltRight, Luke found his way from Minnesota to Connecticut at a young age and we're sure glad he did!

Tom Gregory

Tom is a Warehouse Associate, ensuring products are assembled, packaged and shipped quickly and accurately! Tom's hobbies include 3D printing and working on his BMW.

Charlie Wicks

Charlie is a Warehouse Associate, ensuring our Amazon listings stay stocked. When he's not at BuiltRight he loves building computers.

Tyler Vittorini

Tyler is a Warehouse Associate, helping to assemble and package products with the team. On the weekends he likes to unwind playing his favorite video games.

Our Story

My name is Matt Beenen, Founder of BuiltRight Industries.

BuiltRight Industries is dedicated to my father, who passed away unexpectedly in 2008. He was an extremely hard worker and always impressed upon me the importance of having something to call your own, no matter how small.

For my birthday one year, he gave me a $1200 no-interest small business loan to buy my first real computer and build blue-bubble.com, a free online local classifieds service. I have always been fascinated by cars and always been looking to design and engineer modern solutions to common problems. After spending many years in the automotive parts industry, I decided to once again strike out on my own. Using the same $1200, I set out to build a company that provides premium, reliable aftermarket parts. BuiltRight Industries was born. It's modest, but it's mine.

I founded BuiltRight Industries on the same principles that my father always preached - hard work, ingenuity and commitment. It’s why we combine OEM CAD data with 3D scanning technology to develop, make and model tailored-products that fit perfectly and install easily. It’s also why every BuiltRight Industries product carries a “no questions asked” lifetime warranty.

From our very first product, to our latest innovations, everything at BuiltRight Industries is built with purpose, is built to work, is BuiltRight.

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