The Best F-150 Phone Mount - Dash Mount for 2015+ F-150 and 2017+ F-250/350

We've had a 2015+ F-150 around the shop for a few years now and have never been satisfied by any of the cell phone mounting solutions, so we set out to design the best F-150 phone mount available. There are only a few model-specific brackets for the F-150 and Super Duty (the panavise and the proclip) and while both are great if they position your device exactly where you want it, they offer no adjustability. Depending on the time of year, day or event, we will sometimes use a GoPro, dash cam, radar detector or aux GPS in addition to a phone and needed a way to keep them safely/securely mounted in all conditions.

The Best F-150 Phone Mount

Enter the BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount. This cell phone mount specifically for the Ford F-150, F-250 and F-350, provides a rigid, durable mounting point for all types of accessories. With room for multiple attachments, users can attach and configure their cell phones and devices with nearly infinite adjustability. A popular combination with our product testers was cell phone, radar detector and dash cam, from left to right. 'RAM' brand ball and socket mounts are an excellent addition to the Dash Mount and although we don't yet have them in stock, they are readily available on Amazon and with other retailers. The slots used in the design are sized to accommodate AMPS standard attachments.

Installation is very straight forward. The laser cut and CNC formed bracket attaches to the tray located above the dash using four machine screws, included in the hardware kit. The four .25" holes used must be drilled by the user in the OEM tray. Should you choose to return to stock, the OEM rubber mat inside the tray conceals the holes.

The bracket is manufactured from 12ga mild steel and finished with a durable black texture powdercoat - a very close match to the OEM dash finish. Each kit contains the Dash mount bracket, four machine screws, four washers and four locking nylon nuts. Also included are printed instructions and a BuiltRight sticker!

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  • Bill

    Got your antenna for my F150. Love it.
    Good luck moving!

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