Mounting a Quick Fist Clamp - The Best Way!

Quick Fist rubber mounts have been a very popular accessory for use with our Bedside Racks in the F-150 and other models. One common question that we get is, "how do you attach these things to the racks" and then, typically, "but my shovel hits the racks when I mount it."

Enter the BuiltRight Industries Riser Mounts for the Quick Fist Original and Super Clamps. These are the two most popular Quick Fist models for us, so it made sense to start here. These mounts offer three primary advantages over the use of the clamps without.

1. Riser Mount Clearance

These mounts secure the base of the clamp 1.25" away from the mounting surface. This provides much needed clearance for mounting larger items, like a hi-lift jack or shovel in your F-150 or Raptor. These items would normally interfere with the mounting surface if the clamp is surface mounted but the additional clearance eliminates the problem with most tools and gear.

2. Clamp Mount Durability

If there's one complaint that we have with the Quick Fist mounts, it's that mounting them to a surface isn't a very robust solution. This is totally fine for the usual flashlight or length of rope, but for heavier tools, a single small bolt through the bottom is inadequate and nobody wants a hi-lift jack punching a hole in the bed of their F-150. The BuiltRight Riser Mounts attach to the clamp using the two larger holes on the side and then to the Bedside Racks or other surface using one, two or three 3/8" bolts. 

3. Ease of Use

Finally, the BuiltRight Riser Mounts make installation and adjustments easier. Users will bolt the mount to the rack or mounting surface first, and then attach the clamp to the mount. With this, there's more room to work without the clamp in your way. This is the least important of the benefits, since these clamps provide such great utility, but we feel it's important to mention.

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