Our 7 Most UNDER-RATED Products

No, these aren't products that get bad reviews... these are our products that don't get enough reviews! These solutions have been carefully engineered, tested, refined, tested more and then re-refined - they are perfect for many applications and we're blown away that more people haven't discovered them yet.

Also, if you leave reviews for any of our products directly on builtrightind.com until May 1st, 2024 (yes, today) you'll be entered to win a Black YETI Tundra 45 Cooler!

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If you've been following BuiltRight Industries for a little while now, you've probably already seen a few items on this list. Whether you've decided to put them to the test in your own applications or not yet, these solutions are truly up to the task!

1)  Universal Soft MOLLE Tech Panels + Accessories. These are so universally functional, they work in almost every car, SUV, truck, minivan, boat, truck cap... if the carpeted material in your vehicle is loop material, if the Velcro on your jacket sleeves sticks to it, our Universal MOLLE Tech Panels will grip on. 

Velcro Tech Panel - Black | 3pc Kit-Interior-BuiltRight Industries

2)  Mounting Bracket System for Milwaukee Packout. We're Packout guys admittedly, and being able to keep them with us securely in our beds or in the cab on our Seat Back MOLLE Panel Kits is a must. 

3)  MOLLE Attachment Starter Kit. This is a relatively new bundle we've assembled for everyone looking to secure their equipment. We've put together our favorite assortment of mounts, risers and MOLLE nuts to get your setup dialed in. 

4)  Universal Rigid MOLLE Tech Plates + Hardware Kits. We LOVE seeing how you guys use our universal storage solutions. Our rigid Tech Plates see some very interesting purposes in particular - from the back of motorcycles to gun safes and race trailers, we encourage you to get creative... wherever there's gear to be secured, put out Tech Plates to use!

5)  RotopaX MOLLE-Compatible Mount. We love RotopaX cans, modularly secure them to our panels using this mounting plate!

Mount for RotopaX Mounting System-Bedside Rack System-BuiltRight Industries

6)  BuiltRight X Mountech Dash Mount Bundles. Keep your devices hands free and within view, ruggedly mounted with over-engineered hardware to your truck's dash.

7)  MOLLE Mount for Masterlock Python Lock. Keep your equipment and valuables locked up on your MOLLE Panels, deterring anyone looking to 'borrow' some gear. 

Matt hinted at this sweet little lock mount in our Raptor Bedside MOLLE Outfitting video from a few weeks back and recently in our Raptor Build Series Update. Since testing the 3D printed prototype, we fabricated a couple pre-production examples of the part for more testing and  and absolutely love the functionality. These mounts are perfect for anyone looking to add another layer of protection to the gear on and around our Bedside MOLLE Panels - they will work on any of our Block 'n Slot pattern panels, from the bedsides of your truck to the wall of your race trailer on our Universal MOLLE Plates. While this product is currently marked 'Out of Stock' on the site, learn more about our MOLLE Lock Mount here.

Thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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