Ford Raptor VS. Tesla Cybertruck - Our Practical Comparison

In the ever-evolving world of fun pickup trucks, we've decided to purchase, live with and develop parts for two iconic machines - both of which challenge the norm and redefine expectations of what trucks can do. On the left we have our tried-and-true Ford Raptor Build... on the right, the boundary-pushing Tesla Cybertruck. As enthusiasts, practical decision-makers and purveyors of fine gear mounting solutions, we decided to put these two trucks head-to-head and record a comprehensive comparison, breaking down what we like and don't like. Which features fit Matt's lifestyle, work and family requirements? Which truck appeals to him more overall? Follow along as we dissect the design, performance and functionality of our Raptor and the new Cybertruck.


At first glance, the Cybertruck and Raptor present contrasting visions of automotive design. The Cybertruck, with its angular stainless steel exoskeleton and otherworldly aesthetic, stands as a testament to Tesla's unyielding pursuit of innovation and futuristic design language. Conversely, the Raptor exudes a timeless appeal with its muscular silhouette and rugged demeanor, embodying the essence of traditional truck design while injecting a dose of off road contemporary flair. Each truck commands attention in its own right, beckoning both automotive enthusiasts and the 'un-affiliated public' to stop and stare. This has become a significant safety concern for Matt in the Cybertruck recently. Unsurprisingly Matt prefers the Raptor's look and exterior. 1 - 0 (Raptor/Cybertruck)

Wheels, Tires & Suspension

When it comes to conquering rough terrain and navigating unforgiving landscapes, the Raptor and Cybertruck are both well-equipped. They both have the ground clearance to suit diverse off-road adventures. But only one of the trucks is the clear winner of this category. The Raptor's 35-inch tire setup, coupled with its robust factory suspension system, delivers unparalleled performance under speed in the most challenging environments. Meanwhile, the Cybertruck's innovative air suspension system offers versatility and adaptability, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride on rougher surfaces and over small obstacles. While both trucks do excel in their respective domains, discerning enthusiasts may find solace in the Raptor's proven track record and uncompromising off-road durability. We feel pretty comfortable beating on the Raptor and driving it hard, the Cybertruck definitely could not handle what the Raptor can. Matt ultimately prefers the Raptor for this category. 2 - 0 (Raptor/Cybertruck)

Cybertruck Bed vs. Raptor Bed

When it comes to the bed, the Cybertruck's retractable tonneau cover and cavernous interior provide more than enough space for hauling cargo, even though there isn't space above the wheel wells where our Bedside MOLLE Panels usually mount. It also has a convenient watertight storage compartment towards the tailgate. In contrast, the Raptor's bed, while complemented by our bedside rack panels, does not have nearly as much enclosed storage space or a motorized tonneau cover. It does have room for our bedside racks to be tucked up and out of the way, offering a blend of functionality and customization options for anyone looking to secure essential gear and equipment. While the Cybertruck boasts superior enclosed volume, the Raptor's classic utilization of space may sway those with a penchant for practicality. Learn more about our Cybertruck Bedside MOLLE Panels here, and our F-150/Raptor Bedside MOLLE Panels here. Matt did choose the Cybertruck as the overall bed winner. 2 - 1 (Raptor/Cybertruck)

Raptor Back Seats vs. Cybertruck Back Seats

When it comes to passenger comfort and convenience, the Raptor and Cybertruck vie for superiority with their respective rear seating arrangements and amenities. This is a significant part of the comparison for Matt considering he has two little passengers with him in boosters in the back seats. The Raptor's spacious back seats provide ample legroom and comfort for passengers, with more than enough room for child seats and luggage. There's something about a Crew Cab F-150/Raptor that fosters an environment conducive to long journeys and adventure. There's a ton of open space. Learn more about our Ford rear seat release and back seat products for the F-150/Raptor here.

Conversely, the Cybertruck's rear seating feels more confined, although still very comfortable - similar to the seating in a luxury SUV. The integrated rear infotainment system and HVAC controls offer a level of sophistication and convenience that appeal to tech-savvy enthusiasts AND dads hoping to keep their kids entertained. While the Raptor prioritizes open space and comfort, the Cybertruck is more intimate and elevates the passenger experience through innovative features and cutting-edge technology. When car seats are involved though, we know which we'd pick. Matt prefers the Raptor's back seat space, but does enjoy the Cybertruck's tech - we'll call this one a tie. 3 - 2 (Raptor/Cybertruck)

Cybertruck Driver's Seat vs. Raptor Driver's Seat

Behind the wheel, the Cybertruck and Raptor offer different yet equally compelling driving experiences that both cater to the preferences of most enthusiasts. The Cybertruck's minimalist interior, characterized by a sprawling touchscreen display and futuristic aesthetics, exemplifies Tesla's unwavering commitment to innovation and a minimalist user experience. In contrast, the Raptor's driver-centric cockpit exudes a sense of familiarity and functionality, with tactile controls, knobs and semi-intuitive layouts that evoke a timeless charm. While the Cybertruck dazzles with its technological prowess, storage options and avant-garde design, the Raptor's classic, ergonomic design and driver-focused features may resonate with traditionalists and enthusiasts alike. Check out all of our dash mount offerings here. Matt does prefer the Raptor's cockpit overall. 4 - 2 (Raptor/Cybertruck)

Pop the Hood (Powertrain)

Beneath the hood lies the Raptor's twin-turbocharged EcoBoost engine with some of our favorite modifications, and the Cybertruck's odd but handy 'frunk' space. The Cybertruck's electric powertrain keeps batteries and motors located discretely underneath the vehicle, keeping the center of gravity low. The Raptor's potent internal combustion engine delivers some formidable horsepower and exhilarating acceleration (albeit much less than the Cybertruck). It fully embodies the spirit of traditional internal combustion engines, creating a visceral exhaust note and delivering raw performance. In contrast, the Cybertruck's electric powertrain offers instantaneous torque and whisper-quiet operation, redefining the boundaries of performance, efficiency and comfort. Driving the Cybertruck, it is easy to forget how large, heavy and oddly shaped it is... being so formidable on the road and having the performance of a much smaller EV is undeniable. Check out our Cybertruck Arrival Video here. While the Raptor excels in delivering a fun, loud driving experience and raw power, the Cybertruck's electric powertrain offers unparalleled acceleration, peace and quiet, catering perfectly to many modern enthusiasts. Both trucks are compelling, but Matt prefers the Raptor's motor and powertrain overall. 5 - 2 (Raptor/Cybertruck)

Closing Remarks

The Ford Raptor and Tesla Cybertruck represent two distinctly different, yet equally compelling versions of pickup trucks, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and unique appeal. Whether you're drawn to the Raptor's raw, rugged charm and proven off-road capabilities or the Cybertruck's futuristic design and technological innovation, both trucks offer an exhilarating journey. As we wade through the ever-changing landscape of automotive innovation and design, one thing remains certain: the future of pickup trucks has never looked more exciting. Matt will almost certainly choose an internal combustion Raptor over the Cybertruck every time, and it did win our comparison points-wise, but everyone's needs and preferences are different.

We hope this comprehensive comparison provided valuable perspectives for enthusiasts and confused buyers alike. Navigating the world of new, fun pickup trucks and trying to figure out what living with them is like isn't always easy. Whether you're a die-hard Raptor enthusiast or a staunch Cybertruck advocate, we invite you to join the conversation and share your thoughts, opinions, and preferences in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

Watch our Raptor VS. Cybertruck Comparison video now on YouTube:


  • Cory @ BuiltRight

    John, I totally get that! Its nice to think about all that extra space in theory, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out in practice. Although, the Cybertruck is pretty jam packed with safety features, so who knows. Im sure someone will come out with a storage cubby or something for the footwell (this isnt me hinting at something though). Its looks are definitely….. polarizing to say the least!

  • John Noble

    Purely from a safety standpoint, I think that having anything near your feet while driving is a hazard. The Cyber truck offers the space to do that, but one abrupt manuever could spill stuff right where you don’t want it. The Cyber truck offers plenty of storage options, I just think that it’s unsafe and unnecessary to have anything near your feet. I personally think that the Raptor should win that catergory. Since this is purely subjective, I also think the Cyber truck is a hideous looking vehicle.

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