What are Soft MOLLE Solutions?

First off, what is MOLLE? We use the acronym so often here, It's easy to gloss over the origin of it. Originally coined in the Military, MOLLE stands for 'Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment' and it's one of the many reasons BuiltRight is so good at securing your gear. We carefully engineer many of our storage solutions to incorporate accurately spaced MOLLE features, creating countless options for mounting your equipment. We love our rigid metal organizers, but our soft textile organization systems sometimes get overlooked - and they're universal!

We've all seen soft MOLLE technology in use. Think Military bags, luggage, plate carriers, accessories... The ballistic nylon strapping that you see all over tactical gear is there so you can put it to work and add light-duty items as needed.

We applied that technology to our consumer vehicle storage applications, and our modular Velcro MOLLE Tech Panels are the result. They're ridiculously handy textile MOLLE panels that you can stick to any carpeted/loop fabric material in your car/SUV/truck/van/bed cap/boat... anywhere velcro hooks on, our Tech Panels can transform that space into functional storage!

We offer three different sizes of these panels and often see folks selecting our bundle with elastic MOLLE clips and locking carabiners that interface perfectly with the panel's MOLLE webbing. These attachments are great for securing lighter gear like sunglasses, tape, small flashlights, keys, knives, hand tools, pouches... we always recommend getting creative and putting them to use wherever you need them most. 

Our MOLLE Pouches also weave securely through the webbing on our Velcro Tech Panels so you can keep larger or more unwieldy equipment tidy and zipped up out of the way. Our pouches have MOLLE strapping on the front or you to maximize storage. We've also included loop fabric on the front of our pouches so you can customize and organize by attaching your favorite patches. Let us know in the comments below if you would be interested in a patch kit from us!

You might be thinking by now... "Well how much weight can these things hold?" and honestly it depends on a bunch of factors. What angle are you installing these panels on? What are you mounting? Does the carpeting/fabric in your vehicle have enough loop material for them to securely hook onto? (The answer is most often yes, but we do strongly recommend sticking velcro to the section you want to attach to before buying). Most importantly, where are you mounting the heavier gear on your Tech Panels?

If you're trying to mount 7 pounds of loaded magazines from the top edge of our Large MOLLE Tech Panel, it will not remain affixed as well as if you try to mount that same 7 pounds of lead lower on the panel. Depending on the weight of your gear and how angled the face you're mounting to is, we recommend reaching out to customer support to get their input about your specific situation before placing your order. Each case is different, it always depends on the mounting surface in your vehicle, how you use the panels, how many you use, your attachment gear and what you're hoping to secure. 

Where our Velcro MOLLE Tech Panels fall short, our Rigid Universal MOLLE Tech Plates can do the job. These are our rugged steel alternatives to soft textile panels, they sport the same Block 'n Slot pattern as our other rigid MOLLE solutions like Seat Back MOLLE and Bedside Racks. These rigid Tech Plates come in 5 different sizes and orientations, giving you more than enough room to mount pouches, mounts and attachments and significantly extend your organization possibilities. Wherever you're trying to secure gear, our Universal MOLLE Tech Panels and Tech Plates get the job done - covered by our Lifetime Warranty and backed by our Industry-Leading Customer Support. 

We will be releasing a new MOLLE/Velcro bag in the very near future, so check back on the site soon! Watch our Velcro MOLLE Tech Panels in use by clicking here.

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