What is MOLLE?

There’s a lot to say about MOLLE.

Let’s start with some history and the basics. The Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system was designed by a collaboration of Natick Labs and other government contractors. It was introduced by the Department of Defense in 1997 as a modular solution for soldiers carrying equipment loads. MOLLE was engineered specifically to work with the Pouch Alignment Ladder System (PALS), which is a webbing grid measuring 1.5” center to center and spaced 1” apart (CID A-A-55301). If you’re ever confused about this, just remember that PALS is the webbing/grid, and MOLLE is the gear that attaches to the webbing/grid. So, if something has PALS webbing, then it’s also MOLLE compatible.

Widespread use of MOLLE throughout the US military transpired after the September 11, 2001 attacks and with that so did adaptation by non-military manufacturers and consumers. In particular, the outdoorsman community, who fully embraced it and now MOLLE & PALS has become standard for many recreational day packs, first aid kits, travel organizers, etc.

Who is BuiltRight?

BuiltRight Industries was started in 2016 and was built on the traditional MOLLE & PALS principles but with a tad of innovative flare from our Founder, Matt Beenen.  The idea was born after Matt arrived at a job site to pick up a pallet of material when he opened his truck bed to find a mess of camping gear.  After cleaning up and loading the pallet, he noticed all the wasted space above the wheel wells.  With that, the latest in truck bed storage was born – truck bed MOLLE compatible panels. 

Founder, Matt Beenen

BuiltRight Industries is the original inventor of MOLLE compatible panel systems for truck beds. Our signature and patented ‘block and slot’ grid pattern offer more than just the traditional rectangular opening for pouches and straps. The horizontal slots provide a mounting location for all kinds of non-MOLLE clamps, brackets, mounts, etc. Essentially, we have taken the traditional MOLLE system and made it even more practical for the everyday user. 

As a Raptor owner and enthusiast, Matt originally designed his panels for the F-150 community. However, as interest and demand grew, BuiltRight Industries quickly introduced products to RAM, GMC, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Jeep customers. Now, with over 140 products available BuiltRight Industries is you’re one-stop-shop for all your truck organizational needs.


Production CabWall MOLLE

Why You Need BuiltRight?

Outfitted Bedside Rack

Standard storage might not cut it and with BuiltRight Industries MOLLE compatible panels you can maximize your vehicle’s capability. Using the same factory mounting points (in most cases), our bedside rack system keeps your gear organized, easily accessible, and secure. In addition, we have a variety of mounts designed for our panels to make attaching your gear easier than ever. And since our products are based on the PALS dimensions, our panels will work with any other MOLLE gear you might have - keeping true to the benefits of this modular system.

THE BOTTOM LINE - there are lots of companies out there with similar intentions, but no one knows MOLLE like we do. 


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    Kevin, All sorts of stuff! You can find products for your truck here:

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    What do you have for my 2017 F-150

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