Sleek and Durable! Installing BAK Industries RevolverX4S on the Raptor

BuiltRight Industries 2023 Ford Raptor Antimatter Blue

We just installed the BAK Industries RevolverX4S on our 2023 Ford Raptor to protect all the gear we’ll be mounting to our Bedside MOLLE Racks! We partnered with our friends at RealTruck for this installation, they gave us a hand sifting through the options and pointed us toward this cover based on our needs. After only using the RevolverX4S for a little over a week, we're finding it's the best of all worlds when it comes to a sleek, classic rolling tonneau while actually protecting the valuable gear in your bed.

Installing RealTruck BAK Industries RevolverX4S on the Raptor

Significantly comprised of rugged, lightweight aluminum, this cover rolls effortlessly and isn’t a hassle when kept stowed that way. It has an innovative, easy-to-operate strap and cleat system that keeps the cover securely rolled, and in comparison to the flimsy, awkward buckles or clips other rolling tonneau covers use, it's refreshing to see BAK Industries continually improving their offerings and raising the bar for the rest of the industry. Even down to the little details, like including black bedrail clamps, BAK and RealTruck know how to create a premium product and experience. 

Installing RealTruck BAK Industries RevolverX4S Bedrail Clamps

The cover is also just so darn flat… when fully unrolled and latched closed, you can barely see the lines from where the metal slats connect beneath the exterior vinyl. It achieves a perfectly flat textured look while fitting perfectly within the bed, letting the cover sit almost flush with the bedsides height-wise. This makes for a very well designed, sleek low-profile look with really robust properties. We’re excited to put it to the test!

RealTruck BAK Industries RevolverX4S Installed on the Raptor

Installing the cover went very smoothly! It went as expected too, which is always a huge plus. As we all know, if the fitment isn't just right, a bolt is stripped or a different bracket is needed, whatever it may be... a simple project can go from a 15 minute install to a half-day ordeal. And then if you need to wait for replacement parts to be shipped? Sometimes a bad customer experience like that will sour an entirely great product. Luckily the guys over at RealTruck would never let that happen, they were incredible throughout the entire ordering/shipping process. We've always had great experiences working with them - both as TruckHero previously and now RealTruck. We also love all of the BAK Industries products we've ever owned, so it's no surprise they did a fantastic job designing and creating this badass cover!

RealTruck BAK Industries RevolverX4S Bed Cover on Raptor Closed

Watch the full YouTube episode below!

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  • Karl Brown

    I was just reading your comments about your SEMA Raptor and thought I would share my experience with the BAK Revolver. I have had 2 BAK Revolver tonneau covers on my Ford F-150. I love the design BUT, the adhesives they use can’t take the heat. After 2 years they are junk because the adhesives fail and the vinyl comes off the aluminum causing complete failure of the top. I got them to warranty and replace the first one after a major battle with them. No luck on its replacement. Same problem…

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