Mounting an Articulating Spotlight on the Raptor

Matt couldn't resist tinkering with the stock bedlights in his 2023 Ford Raptor. When he owned his 2015 F-150 and then his 2018 Raptor, he made similar modifications to the bedlight harnesses, allowing him to power a Rigid Industries LED Spot on an articulating arm from the existing bedlight button. Simple, straightforward, flexible lighting, mounted hands-free to our BuiltRight Bedside Racks.

Matt Removing the Stock Bedlight

Maybe it's one of those situations where once you live with it, you can't live without it... whatever it is, Matt needed to scratch the itch and experiment with some Baja Designs Squadron Sports before tripping the truck's body control module, resetting it and settling for the same Rigid Industries Ignite Spot LED. While this light is bright and has already been helpful after being installed for only a week, Matt is still looking for more output and will be continuing to mess with prototype harnesses and Baja Designs' S2.

Comparing Baja Designs Squadron Sport and Rigid Industries Ignite Spot

Many of you guys who keep up with us on our Instagram and Facebook pages have seen our recent posts and reached out in comments or direct messages, asking us to bring back this product. A lot of you are offroaders or overlanders looking for some painless scene lighting around your workstation or camp. On the other hand, many of you have no intention of burying yourselves in the wilderness, and are just looking to boost your stock bedlight output so you can see anything around your truck clearly at night. Whatever the case may be, this mod is perfect for anyone who could use an easily adjustable, hands-free light, securely aimed wherever needed. 

Stripping Wire for the Bedlight Harness

If you've been following the BuiltRight Industries journey for a while, you may remember that Matt used to make and sell harnesses similar the prototype he created in this video - he designed them around his 2015 F-150 and only sold them for a year or two. Now that we have the bandwidth to make these kits available for everyone who wants one, should we start selling them again? Let us know in the comments below!

Matt Testing the Prototype Harness with the Rigid Industries Light

At the end of this episode we also installed COBB Tuning's gorgeous Carbon Fiber Coolant Reservoir Cover for EcoBoost trucks. Matt originally got the cover for his 2018 Raptor, and now that he's happily back in the platform we found it, dusted it off and got it bolted up. By the way - one of the easiest installs that will entirely change the appearance of the goodies under your hood. Just loosen the two 10mm bolts securing your coolant reservoir, slide the cover into place and retighten those bolts! Piece of cake. 

COBB Carbon Fiber Coolant Cover and Intake System Fully Installed

Watch the full YouTube Video below, this is the 5th episode in our Raptor Build Series and the 50th episode of Building BuiltRight. If you're looking for Black Friday savings on ALL of our products, click here!


  • Kai

    This is great, and I’d totally buy a harness. The routing through that bedside hole was perfect.
    Unfortunately my ‘22 Lariat (which was supposed to have bed lights standard) didn’t come with bed lights because of the whole chip shortage thing.

  • Paul

    Could certainly use more lighting in the bed of my 2016 F150 lariat, those carbon fiber covers are cool as well.

  • Paul Wagner

    You should come up with something that turns on the bed lights when the tailgate opens??

  • Ricky

    Would buy 100%. Have been looking for something like this and knowing it’s builtright can’t go wrong.

  • Julian

    I would definitely buy one for my 2018!

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