Prototype Mountech Device Holder Kits

Our over-engineered, CNC-machined solution for mounting phones, GPS units, dash cams and other essential hands-free devices is almost here! Mountech is set to launch toward the end of next month and we're excited to start shipping your orders as soon as possible and make your life easier in the new year. We're currently ironing out a couple final design elements in the system, and we're turning to you guys to do some field testing of these device mounts out in the wild!

Mountech Device Holders Mounted to BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount

In this episode, Matt describes some of the processes and challenges we've faced getting Mountech off the ground while he assembles 25 prototype product test kits. The concept originally started as a need for a perfectly-engineered solution to the frustrating little problems most ball & socket device mounts have. Between all of us here at BuiltRight/Mountech, we have quite possibly used hundreds of different phone mounts... all of which had at least one thing we wanted to improve. Thus Mountech was born. We designed this system specifically around all the issues we've identified with the current industry leaders - so if you've noticed on our site recently that there are no phone mounts or device holders available for sale, it's for a good reason. The best possible way for you to secure gear on your dash is yet to come. 

Assembling Mountech Device Holder Phone Mount Kit

Above left of center is a classic RAM Mounts 1" Ball Base, which we previously sold but customers had a few gripes with, left of that is a 'scuffed-up' prototype Mountech 1" Ball Base secured to our 2 Bolt Support Plate. On the right is another prototype Mountech 1" Ball Base but 'unscuffed', and finally Matt's hand is on the current prototype Mountech Device Holder (notice the very slight variation in the anodizing shade between the two pieces).

We're confidently in the final stage of the design process, Mountech Arms and Support Plates are finalized, the 1" Ball Base and Device Holder still have to be tweaked a bit, but then the system will operate exactly as it should and look great while doing it. That's where our product testers come in. We're sending out 25 of these Mountech prototype test kits to customers, friends and family who will use 'n abuse them, see how they function day-to-day and provide us with some honest feedback! To those of you who have recently let us know you'd love the opportunity to do some product testing, we've heard you - some will be receiving these kits, and some we'll be keeping in mind for future product testing endeavors! 

Laser Engraving Prototype Mountech Balls

Considering we're sending pre-production unfinalized parts out to the public, we had to permanently mark them as prototypes of course. We're not fond of having products that are now obsolete or subpar in operation floating around without being marked as such, so there'll be no mistaking these old revision parts for the final production parts. Let us know what you think about this new product line, areas where you see improvement opportunities, or feedback on the YouTube episode or this blog post. We appreciate you guys reading, watching and learning about BuiltRight/Mountech! 

Mountech 1 inch Arm Device Holder Phone Mount on BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount

Click below to watch the full Building BuiltRight episode on Mountech now:


  • Cory @ BuiltRight

    We dont have anything just yet, but were looking to add more fitments in the future!

  • Nick Jones

    Do you have anything that will fit a 2022 Ram 3500 dash mount? I’m looking for something that I can mount in the dash area above the radio (small radio), that will hold my gps, maybe a dash cam, cell phones, and maybe a TPS monitor. I done with them sticking to the window. I’d like to have everything in the middle of the dash.

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