Extra Fuel, Shovel, Hitch and Recovery Strap in the 2024 Raptor

Our new 2024+ Ford F-150 Raptor Bedside Rack MOLLE Panels are available and shipping now! That means we got to switch out the final prototype on the Raptor and install our production panels! This new 2024+ panel mounts to the passenger rear BoxLink threaded features and rear-most tie down location, and includes cutouts for the cubby in the 2024 F-150/Raptor's bedside and any bedrail clamps you may be using to secure a tonneau cover or bed cap/bed rack. This final test-fit installation was the perfect excuse to install and outfit all four corners of the truck's bed with some of our favorite go-to daily driver/off road essentials.

We started at the driver rear of the bed first, mounting our 2021+ F-150/Raptor Bedside Rack with our RotopaX MOLLE Mount already installed. We also swapped out all of Ford's OEM BoxLink plates for our BuiltRight Replacement BoxLink Plates. Matt's pro-tip before starting this process - if you could see yourself wanting to change the layout of your Bedside Rack MOLLE Panels or uninstalling and reinstalling them for any reason, use anti-seize on your hardware. And he's right, the threaded inserts for Ford's BoxLink plates can get messy threads quickly if you're not careful about removing and re-installing the hardware. Using a dab of anti-seize on each mounting bolt is a great move for painless reconfiguration of your bedside MOLLE panels in the future.

With the RotopaX fuel can mounted, we moved to the driver front of the bed and quickly installed our small Ford Bedside Rack MOLLE Panel. We originally designed these small panels for use only on the front two BoxLink plate mounting locations, but we quickly discovered folks like to use them on any of the four BoxLink locations, especially if they're just mounting smaller items and don't want to opt for the larger rear panels in our 4 piece kit or stage kits.

We've done it too - we installed a small panel on the rear BoxLink location in our 2023 Raptor for a few months for prototyping purposes. Matt weaved one of our Large MOLLE Pouches onto this Bedside Rack and stashed a recovery strap in there for any sticky situations we might run into.

Moving onto the passenger front Bedside Rack, we followed the same install process but secured the spade end of our Shovel-Tec shovel with one of our Original Quickfist Riser Mounts and a MOLLE Nut. The handle end bridges the gap between our front and rear panel perfectly and we secured it with a horizontally positioned Quickfist Riser Mount and a second MOLLE Nut.

Also on the passenger rear bedside MOLLE panel we installed a hitch mount prototype we've been playing around with and our new MOLLE Lock Mount for Masterlock Python 5/16 cable locks! This lock mount provides a sleek and unintrusive way to keep gear even more secure and protected in the bed of your truck or wherever you're mounting our MOLLE panels. We passed the cable lock through the handle of our shovel and still have more than enough slack to lock any gear or equipment that we may be keeping temporarily in the bed.

This little mount is perfect for bikers looking to deter thieves, tradesmen who want the extra peace-of-mind that their welder and toolbox will still be in the bed when they get to the job site. You get the idea. This MOLLE lock mount can be used by just about everybody with our panels... and before any of you give us grief, we know - a simple cable lock will not stop determined criminals. But as Matt says in the video, just having something locked up is usually enough to keep most honest people honest.

While the passenger rear corner of the truck ended up getting the most love in this episode (well, it is the newest in the family), the star of the show is the entire Bedside Rack MOLLE Panel organization system and how it works together providing the most rugged, modular gear storage solution on the market. All while not sacrificing any space from the depth or footprint of your bed. Explore our 2024+ Ford F-150/Raptor Bedside Rack Panels by clicking here, and check out all of our modular storage solutions by clicking here!

Watch the full 2024 Raptor Build Project Bedside Rack Install/Outfitting video below:

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