Mounting Traction Recovery Boards on the Bulkhead Accessory Rail in our 2024 Raptor

This past week, Matt installed and outfitted our BuiltRight Bulkhead Accessory Rail system in the bed of our 2024 Ford Raptor. We refer to this rugged, versatile modular storage solution as 'The BAR' for short, and it allows you to secure all sorts of gear, equipment, mounts and attachments to the front of your truck's bed. The BAR also is a perfect interface for mounting our Universal MOLLE Tech Plates

Matt decided to mount our Mountech Universal Traction Board Mounts by BuiltRight with 4 of our MAXTRAX Extreme traction/recovery boards. These highly adjustable traction/recovery board mounts secure most popular brands of boards and can be mounted in many different locations and orientations due to their slots. Watch more about how we install and use these mounts by clicking here.

The mounting pins that we include with our Universal Traction Board Mounts are perfectly straightforward and easy to install and operate. Our mounts are engineered to perfectly fit MAXTRAX's specific mounting pins though, just in case you're already working with their slick quick releases. The more-economical solution that we include in our kit gets the job done perfectly while keeping the price point very reasonable - both are awesome ways to lock down your traction/recovery boards.

Our traction/recovery board mount kit includes the injection-molded, glass fiber-reinforced nylon composite mounting plates and all of the hardware you'll need to secure them and your boards to the desired mounting face. You might need to get creative for more niche mounting locations, but these mounting kits make reliably storing and accessing your boards when you need them a breeze. We're seeing folks us these mounts to attach to their BAR system, roof rack crossbars (with some additional specialized mounts we don't sell yet), bed racks, caps, trailers and more.

We love that the Universal Traction Board Mounts fit on our BAR with room for an 11.5" x 15.5" Universal MOLLE Tech Plate next to it with a couple of our Super Clamp Quick Fist Riser Mounts. We've used this exact setup to secure a fire extinguisher in the bed - this specific mount and tech plate combo are ideal for items that size, and can certainly handle the weight of a 10-15lb. extinguisher.

This time around Matt mounted a large tie down strap for some weekend projects he'll be working on. Other than having to trim Ford's factory spray-in bedliner covering our mounting locations, this BAR install and outfitting was pretty quick and painless, Matt was done in less than 45 minutes. If you're curious about installing our BAR, click here to watch the full install guide. Watch the full product deep dive about our BAR system here.

Wherever you could use traction/recovery boards in your rig, keep them secured and up out of the way with our Universal Traction Board Mounts. Watch the install guide and product breakdown below!

Watch the full 2024 Ford Raptor BAR Build Episode below: 

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