Build Breakdown - Isaac's 2018 F-150 Raptor

Meet Isaac

1. Name?

Isaac aka LawnDartDesign

2. Where are you from?

Central Oregon, by way of surf towns on the west coast and middle America for a stretch.

3. What kind of vehicle do you drive? 

2018 Ford Raptor, and soon to be a 2023 Ford Raptor!

4. How do you use your truck?

It’s my daily driver, so it has to balance between being a vehicle used for video production, one that can happily play in the silt off-road, and yet be super functional on a day to day basis in town or in the countryside. That means I have gear stowed away on the BuiltRight bed panels, or inside out of sight holding radio gear.

5. Current modifications to your truck?

I’ve added a fair amount of suspension, skid plates, chase racks, bigger tires, additional lights, and a lot of organization to both the bed and interior. Some of the BuiltRight products I have include the Bedside Racks, Rear Seat Back Storage Panel, and Dash Mount.

6. Do you have a favorite modification?

I’m a big addict for organization. I think that having a desert-style truck as a daily driver only works if you can have a place for everything and everything in its place. To that end besides the chase rack which keeps all my tools and recovery gear, it would be the BuiltRight panels. Both inside and out allow me to keep a lot of gear securely tucked away, yet easy to a access. In the bed that’s fire extinguishers on either side of the rack, shovel, PowerTank accessories, etc. Inside that’s my radios, and electrical controls. All of these components get put through an off-road paint mixer in places like Baja, and not one BuiltRight component has ever broken or failed to live up to it’s namesake.

7. What drove you to choose BuiltRight?

Back before I got my Gen 2 Ford Raptor I had seen a friend’s truck with some of the earlier panels and kind of made a mental note of what Matt was offering. When I got my truck a year later I had some very specific ideas of what needed to be organized in a fashion that could survive the workout in places like Baja off-road. I came to Matt with a few ideas, sketches, wild hand gestures, and Matt saw the problem I was searching for a solution for. And as a result he was able to come up with a couple of product solutions (panels that fit behind and under the rear seats) that met or exceeded my expectations. Given how often I’ve seen these products being used by other customers, others found value in the solution Matt was able to come up through that kind of collaboration. It obviously doesn’t hurt that they were built right from the get go, durable, well thought out, and with some awesome customer support. I think it’s a big testament to the gear that when I get my new truck I’ll literally be pulling out the old panels and moving them to the next truck.

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  • Jamie

    By far one of the best overland/off-road setups I have ever seen. Follow this guy on Instagram. Super meticulous layout. I only wish I lived near him to get a custom build like that. I have side panels in my ’19 Raptor as well. Anyone know what fire extinguisher mount that is in the pictures?

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