Don't know what to buy an F-150/Raptor Owner for Christmas? - 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

*** Note: This post is a living document and we'll be adding to it as the holiday season approaches!

Each year, thousands of frustrated significant others search google with something like "What should I buy an F-150 owner for Christmas?" or "Best Gifts for Ford Raptor Owners" or "What the **** am I supposed to buy my Ford truck obsessed husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend for the holidays?" We know this struggle and are here to help. We've compiled this list of recommended holiday gift ideas for the Ford F-150 or Ford Raptor owner in your life. Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers or something much larger, what we've got here should at least get the wheels turning.

A note regarding fitment, first. It's important to understand that different truck configurations can sometimes require different parts. It will be helpful (but not always necessary) for you to know the year and model of the truck. Is it a Supercrew (4drs) or a Supercab (extended cab)? What engien does it have? Consider hijacking the keys and sneaking a peek at the owners manual if you're trying to be stealthy.

F-150 and Ford Raptor Gifts Under $50

BuiltRight Industries Rear Seat Release

The BuiltRight Industries Rear Seat Release offers users the ability to quickly and easily access the area behind the rear seat of their 2009 to current Supercrew or 2015 to current Supercab F-150 or Raptor. This space is hidden from view and is normally not easily accessed, but with the addition of a hand-sewn pull strap and retention mechanism, a quick tug on the strap drops the seat back and provides access. Many users store jumper cables, tool kits, first aid kits and so on in this space. Installs easily in minutes. Available in multiple colors by following this link, starting at $33 per kit. 

Diode Dynamics Lighting Upgrades

The folks at Diode Dynamics have made quite a name for themselves by designing and manufacturing LED lighting upgrades for a wide range of vehicles. Ford truck owners are commonly disappointed that on an otherwise nicely equipped truck, things like cargo lights and license plate lights come from the factory with dated-looking incandescent light bulbs. Replace them with a full lineup of LED bulbs. Talk to the guys and gals at to determine which upgrades will be best, starting at just $8.

F-150 and Ford Raptor Gifts Under $100

Krazy Beaver Tools Shovel

The guys Krazy Beaver Tools know how to make a seriously badass shovel. At a glance, it may look like a normal spade shovel, but upon handling it, a number of things become clear. The shovel feels lightweight, but extremely robust. With a composite shaft, durable plastic D-handle and a formed steel spade, it feels great in hand. Where it really sets itself apart, though, is in it's unique digging end. This end has teeth cut from the spade but not only that, each tooth is formed slightly, to provide strength and rigidity. For the person in your life that finds themselves digging out of trouble once in a while, this makes a great and unique gift. Available directly from Krazy Beaver Tools for $87.99.

F-150 and Ford Raptor Gifts Under $500

Traxxas Slash - Ford Raptor

The Traxxas Slash has become a staple in the off-road RC market as great little truck for bashing around the yard, woods, and so on. Now available with a Ford Raptor Body in Blue, White, Black and Magnetic Gray, it's the perfect gift for your F-150 or Raptor owner. This particular model is equipped with 2WD, while there are 4x4 options. When your schedule won't allow a trip to the desert/trails/dunes, get your fix with the Traxxas Slash. Available on Amazon for $249.

BuiltRight Industries Bedside Racks

The BuiltRight Bedside Racks have quickly become a very popular way to keep your tools and gear organized in the bed of your truck, leaving plenty of room for hauling other loads. These racks are CNC punched and formed out of 1/8in thick steel and powdercoated for a durable finish and mount using the factory points, making installation a breeze with only a single tool. Each panel provides infinitely adjustable mounting options for clamps, tools, straps, bungees and so on. For an F-150/Raptor owner that likes to have their gear accessible and organized, these are an easy choice. Full sets are available at for $295.

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