Welcoming Our 2024 Ford Raptor!

As many of you already know, we quickly jump into new R&D vehicles to design products that optimize your gear storage. We prefer owning and living with the vehicles that we design parts for so we can really understand the areas of opportunity and needs of a daily user - rather than simply borrowing vehicles and needing to hurriedly design, test and iterate on products in accordance with someone else's schedule. 

When we learned that the 2024 Ford Raptors and higher-trim level F-150s have a redesigned dash tray in the cab and a new storage cubby on the passenger bed wall where our Bedside MOLLE Panels mount, we knew we'd be adding one of these badass trucks to the R&D fleet as soon as possible!

Comparing our 2023 Raptor and the 2024 Raptor, there aren't too many differences at all. Other than the slight styling changes with the grille, headlights and taillights, the smaller dash tray and the new bedside cubby, everything seems the same. The 2023 was a beautiful Antimatter Blue, this 2024 is a sleek Carbonized Gray. Aside from those differences, the seats are the only thing Matt truly misses from the 2023. We decided to opt for the 801A package with this truck as opposed to the Recaro option or 37 package, so while we don't get as much bolstered blue alcantara or beadlocks, we do still get very luxurious leather chairs at a better price point. Matt initially thought he would miss the 2023 Raptor, but this 2024 is quickly growing on him. We can't wait to install our favorite parts from friends and partners in the industry, our own dash mount, and both interior and exterior MOLLE solutions! 

We're picking up where we left off with the 2023 Raptor Build. If you haven't given that build series a look yet, check it out here! COBB Tuning, Turbosmart, Baja Designs, SDHQ, RealTruck, Mountech, Method Race Wheels and many more amazing companies will be helping us prep this truck for whatever we throw at it! In this introduction video we started off small by screwing on our Perfect-Fit Stubby Antenna (which also fits 2021+ Bronco and 2022+ Super Duty) and peeled off the tacky factory vinyl decals.

While we might not be going as far with this build as chopping through the bed and installing a long travel setup - we will be digging into this truck and outfitting it thoroughly for off-road use with some of the most rugged equipment available. Our goal is to bring it out to King of the Hammers next year, we have more than enough time to get this rig dialed in.

Check back soon and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on our videos!

Watch the first video of our 2024 Raptor Build below:


  • Cory @ BuiltRight

    David, Ive got your email added to our notifications list for these products!

  • David Cornwell

    I am anxiously waiting for the 2024 Ranger Raptor Molle panels. Please let me know when I can order panels for the passenger side bed.

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