2023 Ford Raptor Build Update

Matt started BuiltRight Industries in the Ford community, specifically the F-150/Raptor sector. There are tons of these trucks on the road, and for good reasons. They're capable workhorses that we've found to be reliable when treated correctly, they are fun recreationally and very effective fleet vehicles. Ever since Matt had to sell his 2017 Raptor to get into other R&D vehicles for product development, he felt like there was something missing as an off road enthusiast.

When this gorgeous 2023 Antimatter Blue Raptor rolled into the shop, Matt knew it was going to be here for a little while, so we decided to outfit it with some of our favorite parts from friends in the industry. We created a build sheet of realistic, everyday Raptor modifications from our favorite aftermarket partners and began planning. 15 videos later, we have a badass, fun-having adventure truck, ready to hit trails, dirt tracks and hop the curbs at Starbucks. Keep in mind - Matt wouldn't install anything on his truck that he wouldn't recommend to you guys, so read on to learn more about all of our essential additions!

Starting out in the front of the truck, we installed a bunch of goodies from the awesome folks over at COBB Tuning. First we have their Carbon Fiber Redline Air Intake and Scoop System for F-150/Raptor Ecoboost trucks. This system uses COBB's HCT tubes which don't restrict your airflow and help keep emissions performance within legal regulations. The install was a breeze, the scoop will not collapse like the OEM plastic one, and the engine bay looks like a million bucks!

In addition to the air intake and scoop, we installed COBB's Factory Location Front Mount Intercooler for Ford Ecoboost trucks. When driving this truck on the harder side for longer periods of time, and especially in warmer climates, having that COBB intercooler will keep our air intake temperature low and consistent. These upgrades don't normally make an incredibly noticeable difference right off the bat, but they are a huge factor in keeping this Raptor performing reliably! Watch the full build episode by clicking here.

Also up front and out-of-sight we have a TurboSmart Vee Port EM Blow Off Valve, releasing to atmosphere and making some oh-so beautiful whooshing turbo noises! This billet CNC machined unit is worlds better than the plastic OEM valve, being able to handle a lot more boost pressure and harder driving conditions, this product installation did require us to drop the intercooler again, but is a very worthwhile modification once we start turning up the power in the Raptor. Watch the full blow off valve install by clicking here.

Moving back toward the cab of the truck, we of course installed SDHQ's in-house manufactured 'SDHQ Built' A-Pillar Light Brackets, with Baja Designs' Amber Wide Cornering Squadron Sports. This makes for a truly incredible combination, the mounts are ridiculously sturdy and frankly oversized for these lights. The lights are very powerful for their size, the wide lenses have significant throw and the overall visibility increase with them on is impressive. We're still considering swapping them out for XL80s or LP6s in the future. Watch the full install video here.

Paired with our sweet On+F1 Strobing Kaizen Relay from Reid over at Kaizen Speed, we've had absolutely no concerns needing to see or be seen on and off-road. As you guys know, we love to stay prepared for whatever's on the horizon, and making sure we're visible in emergency situations or while we're out on the trail is essential. This A-Pillar light setup is great for the stage we're at with this build, and pairs well with our signature BuiltRight Perfect-Fit Stubby Antenna. To watch the full Kaizen Relay install, click here.

Moving inside the truck, we installed our BuiltRight Dash Mount PRO for 2021-2023 Ford F-150/Raptor with some Mountech components keeping our devices secured and within view. We ran constant power up through the dash tray as well, making sure the controller for our ICOM ID-5100A radio from Keith over at LVJ Motorsports is cleanly mounted. Learn more about Mountech's incredibly overbuilt billet CNC machined device holder/phone mount components and bundles by clicking here. Watch the full dash mount installation here.

Inside the Raptor's center console we mounted our MOLLE Tech Plate Kit so we can secure a few essentials for quick access - this kit and location is perfect for us 2A folks. We always recommend getting creative with our gear storage solutions, we've seen folks mount this kit in other locations in their trucks and we're all for it! Wherever you need some modular organization, this kit should fit. Watch our full center console outfitting video by clicking here. Behind the passenger seat we installed our patent pending Rigid Seat Back MOLLE Panel Kit with a set of our Packout Mounting Brackets, our Long Arm Clamp Riser Mount Combo for a fire extinguisher and more Mountech goodies for the kid's devices. Watch the Seat Back MOLLE install video here!

We also have our BuiltRight Seat Bottom Divider Panel installed underneath the driver's side rear seats keeping a few random essentials from rolling around the floor of the cab. This was one of the few product prototypes that we developed using this truck during the build. Learn more here!

Behind the passenger back seat, we have our 2015-2020 Ford F-150/Raptor Rear Seat Back MOLLE Storage Panel that's been slightly modified to fit the 2023 Raptor's differences. We will be updating this panel for newer generations of Ford trucks soon. The panel securely houses the head unit for our ICOM ID-5100A radio we mentioned above from Keith over at LVJ Motorsports. There is still plenty of room on the panel for other devices, accessories or gear to be discretely tucked behind the back seats. Watch the full radio install video here!

Moving back to the outside of the Raptor, our radio antenna is mounted right behind the cab on Bullet Proof Diesel's 3rd Brake Light Radio Antenna Mount for 2017-2024 Ford Raptor. This mounting location allows for simple wiring back to the head unit on our rear seat back MOLLE panel, and provides a very clean, low profile look. While we did need to drill through the exterior of the truck to install the mount securely, it's not a difficult installation, the product and hardware is high quality and won't leak when installed correctly. Click the radio install video link in the paragraph above to watch us mount the antenna!

Continuing backward through the Raptor we arrive at the bed. This of course is our bread and butter, so we had to go all out and install our Bedside MOLLE Stage 1 Kit along with our Bulkhead Accessory Rail (BAR) and a Universal MOLLE Tech Plate. Mounted to these we have our RotopaX MOLLE Mount with a 3 gallon RotopaX Fuel Can, our new MOLLE Lock Mount for MasterLock Python Cable Locks, a Mountech Arm and 2 Bolt Base holding a Rigid Industries Ignite Spot LED wired into the bed light wiring harness (watch more here), a Shovel Tec shovel, MAXTRAX Extreme traction/recovery boards, a fire extinguisher, recovery strap and shackles, and finally a Power Tank On-Board Air MOLLE/Pickup Tank Setup with their tire patch kit. To watch the full bedside outfitting episode, click here!

All of this gear is mounted up and out of the way in the bed, not sliding around or taking up space haphazardly. Best of all, it can be reconfigured simply using our MOLLE Nuts and the BAR hardware that comes in the Bulkhead Rail Kits. Everything in the bed is protected and out of sight with a BAK Industries Revolver X4S tonneau cover from our friends over at RealTruck (formerly Truck Hero). This thing is as durable as it is sleek, and we've found that as long as it's operated how it's meant to be, it's perfectly reliable, secure and low-profile. So far so good!

Thank you again to all of our partners with this Raptor build series so far, we greatly appreciate everything y'all create and have provided for us to install and test - as we said above, we wouldn't install anything on this truck that we wouldn't recommend to you guys. Everyone's sites are linked down below, if you're in the market for some of the best aftermarket goodies for your rig, show them some love!

Watch the full 2023 Raptor Build Update video here:

Explore our partners' products:

COBB Tuning: https://www.cobbtuning.com/

TurboSmart: https://www.turbosmart.com/

Kaizen Speed: https://www.kaizenspeed.com/

SDHQ: https://sdhqoffroad.com/

Baja Designs: https://www.bajadesigns.com/

Mountech: https://mountechusa.com/

LVJ Motorsports: https://www.lvjmotorsports.com/

RealTruck: https://realtruck.com/

PowerTank: https://powertank.com/

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