Organizing Raptor Center Console with our Universal MOLLE Tech Plate

BuiltRight Industries Universal MOLLE Tech Plate and Hardware Kit

This is by far our favorite spot to mount the 7.5"x10" Universal MOLLE Tech Plate. Adding simple, modular storage to the inside of your truck's center console lid is truly a game changer when it comes to keeping your 'every day carry' organized. As we always find ourselves saying... you 2A guys really love this one! The panel can be bolted almost anywhere to anything using one of our Tech Plate Hardware Kits, and we just added Center Console MOLLE Tech Plate Kits to the site so you only need to add one item to your cart. The kit comes with our 7.5"x10" Tech Plate and a single Tech Plate Hardware Kit. You'll need a drill and some standard hand tools for the installation, but that's it! This is your answer to a cluttered center console. Secure your most essential gear to a rigid, durable mounting face - ready at a moment's notice.

Raptor Center Console Bottom Plastic Removed

In this week's video Matt installs this Tech Plate in his 2023 Ford Raptor with one of our Red Anodized Hardware Kits. Just like all of our MOLLE Tech Plates, these 7.5"x10" panels are made right here in the USA from high grade 1/8" steel and finished in our rugged texture black powdercoating. They are perfect for tons of applications and covered by our lifetime warranty of course. We see folks mounting everything from holsters and magazine holders to flashlights, hand tools, and... Tootsie Pops?

Lining up MOLLE Tech Plate to Drill Mounting Holes

Naturally, as you add more gear to the lid of your center console, it gets heavier. So Matt did a little research and decided to try a trick he found on the forums, the '10 Cent Mod'. Apparently guys have been wedging nickels between their center console lid springs and the metal structure they press against to increase preload and responsiveness... This one was news to us but seemed somewhat logical, and we're always game for trying simple, cheap mods that work! I bet a handful of you guys have already done this too, because clearly Ford did not upgrade the springs in their models with a folding Work Surface. With that increased lid weight from the factory, a steel Tech Plate and whatever gear is being mounted to it, we had to give the nickels a shot. 

Adding Nickels to the Center Console Lid's Springs Increasing Preload

Our overall verdict is that the 10 Cent Mod works relatively well for a center console lid with the folding Work Surface and no MOLLE Tech Plate, even though it's kind of a pain to get the coins wedged in there. We ended up making it the '20 Cent Mod' by adding 4 nickels, one under the end of each spring, and to be honest, it barely keeps the lid open with the Tech Plate installed and outfitted. If the goal is to have a center console lid that can actually lift itself when unlatched, with a MOLLE Tech Plate installed and gear mounted, we will need to develop a custom spring or figure out a tidy way to mount a gas strut from the underside of the lid to the center console structure. We will most likely be revisiting this project in the very near future. Please let us know if you're experiencing this with your F-150/Raptor and if a new product that fixes this would be beneficial to you!

Bolting the MOLLE Tech Plate to the Center Console Lid Plastic

The install took about an hour with filming and messing around with nickels, so we're expecting it should take you no more than 30-45 minutes. Quick pro tip from those who have goofed before, only work on your vehicle's interior plastics when they are warm. The easiest way to crack plastics and the clips holding them on is by prying them while cold and brittle during these winter months! If you can, bring your vehicle inside a garage or shop to warm up before digging in. If that's not possible, just make sure your vehicle is still warm on the inside after a drive before you start prying. We've made this mistake before and had to pay the price (replacement OEM parts aren't cheap and often take a while to ship). Following this guideline and the other tidbits Matt shares in the video will ensure you have a smooth center console MOLLE Tech Plate install!

Learn more about our Center Console MOLLE Tech Plate Kit here!

 Reinstalling the Center Console Lid Plastic with MOLLE Tech Panel Mounted

Watch the Center Console MOLLE Install video below:


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  • Dave Steveson

    Figure out a strut to go with the molle and I’ll buy one. This console lid is ridiculous, like it’s ok for the lid to slam down on your hand unless you’re climbing a hill? ’21 limited powerboost.

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