2021 Ford Bronco Sport - Bigger Tires

Just like that, the BuiltRight Bronco journey begins! With the full size Bronco delayed until the spring/summer, we thought we'd pick up a Bronco Sport to dig into. Ours happens to be a Big Bend model in Carbonized Gray with the 1.5L turbo powertrain. We'll save our initial review for another post, but so far, it's a great little car (as long as you're in 'sport' mode).

Parking it next to the rest of our current fleet made one thing clear - this little Bronco Sport was going to need some meatier tires to try and fit in. We love the stock wheels, so we opted to order BFGoodrich KO2s in a size that sounded reasonable - 245/65R17. Our hope was that this size would give the look we wanted and the increased performance that we've come to expect from the BFGs without too much drama.

Success! These 245/65R17 tires are a perfect fit on our 2021 Bronco Sport. We've experienced no rubbing from lock to lock although it is a bit tight. With a bit of articulation, I wouldn't be surprised if the tire makes a bit of contact with some of the plastic bits around the wheel well. We'll test that more thoroughly next week.

We do have a 4wheelparts lift kit ready to install, but wanted to test whether or not these bigger tires fit our Bronco Sport without it. The verdict is yes, under daily driving circumstances, anyway.

bronco sport tires in back

bronco sport upgraded tires

2021 ford bronco sprort cargo area

builtright industries bronco sport bfg tires

2021 bronco sport larger tires
ford bronco sport bfg ko2 tire size
2021 ford bronco sport tire size
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2021 ford bronco sport bfgoodrich ko2
ford bronco sport 245/65r17 tires
bronco sport tire clearance

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