Center Console MOLLE Panel - Steel Tech Plate Installation

The new lineup of BuiltRight Tech Plates and hardware have quickly become quite popular for those looking to add a rigid steel MOLLE panel to their truck, trailer, toolbox or garage. We've been having fun watching how people use each of these five (more coming soon) sizes and the billet hardware that we make available. We've been doing some experimenting on our own and below is a quick demonstration of how we've installed a steel MOLLE panel (we call these 'Tech Plates') to the bottom of the center console lid in our 2018 Ford Raptor using a BuiltRight Hardware Kit.

What you'll need:


1. Open the center console lid and remove the plastic liner. To do this, start at the bottom, prying the liner away from the lid. As you get to the top of the liner, you'll need to depress the latch mechanism on each side to get the liner to release from the center console.

center console molle panel install

center console molle panel install

2. Next, take a look at the underside of the liner and see the clips that were holding the liner on. We need to avoid drilling into these clips. This is shown on a 2018 Ford Raptor, but other trucks will have similar structure. Mock up the MOLLE panel and mark the liner for drilling.

center console molle panel install

center console molle panel install

3. Finally, bolt the MOLLE panel to the liner using the BuiltRight hardware kit or your hardware of choice. The hardware kit comes with a variety of spacers so that you can customize the install for your use. I used the 5/8" spacers here.

4. With the MOLLE panel bolted to the center console lid liner, reinstall the center console lid. It should snap back into place without much effort.

center console molle panel truck

center console molle panel

That's it! Enjoy your new storage solution and be sure to send us photos of how you put our rigid steel MOLLE panels to use!

Video Procedure:

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