Installation Guide: Toyota Tacoma MOLLE Panels (2005-2020)

Installation of the Toyota Tacoma MOLLE Panels is one of the easiest installs you can do. The design was purposefully engineered as simple, using stock hardware when possible, and the fewest number of fasteners and brackets. This not only makes the installation straight forward but it also minimizes the opportunity for product failure. 

Required Tools

-  T30 Torx Bit
-  5/32 Hex Key Allen Wrench
-  T55 Torx Bit with Impact Driver



Bedside MOLLE Panels

1. Begin by removing the factory utility hardware and rail using a T30 Torx Bit.

Removing Factory Rails

2. Before mounting the Tacoma MOLLE Panels consider what gear will be installed. Installation of most things will be easier with the panels are off of the truck. However, if you end up adding things down the road our MOLLE Nuts make it easier to attach without removing the panels.

3. Slide the front or rear (doesn’t matter which direction you work) Tacoma MOLLE Panel behind the factory rail. While holding both in place thread a couple of the factory T30 hardware in to support the rail. An extra set of hands can be useful, and if that’s not an option you can use your foot. While all the hardware is still loose, slide the other Tacoma MOLLE Panel behind the rail, and thread the T30 hardware.

Sliding Bedside Panel behind Factory Rail

4. Add the included 1/4-20 button head fasteners finger tight with your 5/32 Allen wrench to connect the two MOLLE panels and then tighten down the factory hardware.

Installing Fasteners

5. Repeat on other side.

Repeat on Other Side 

Cab Wall MOLLE Panels:

1. Begin by removing factory rail hardware using a T30 Torx bit.

2. Loosen the two Bed Bolts near the front of the bed with the T55 Torx. You may need an impact driver.

Cab Wall Install

3. Before installing the Tacoma MOLLE Panel, slide the supplied bed bolt bracket in place.

Slide Bed Bolt bracket

4. Slide the Tacoma MOLLE Panel behind the factory rail and thread factory bolts but leave hardware loose. Repeat on other side.

5. Next, thread and tighten down the three supplied 1/4-20 button head fasteners with the 5/32 Allen wrench to secure the two panels together. When aligned properly they should interlock perfectly.

Securing fasteners

6. Next, thread and tighten the other two 1/4-20 button head fasteners to the bed bolt bracket. Follow this up with tightening down the factory rail hardware.

7. Finally, tighten back down the bed bolts. An impact drill might be needed.

Securing Bed Bolts

And that's it!  If you need additional guidance, we have a great installation video found on our YouTube page.


If you’re still having trouble we are only a phone call or email away from answering your questions.

Phone: 203-546-8981


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