Build Breakdown - Marc's 2017 Ford Raptor

When possible, we love to find out more about our customers and to highlight those that have been kicking butt and truly love their vehicles.

Marc has been a great friend to BuiltRight and we are so excited to share his F-150 Raptor build with you.  Check out the interview below!


Meet Marc

1. Name?

Marc S.

2. Where are you from?

Canton, GA

3. What kind of vehicle do you drive? 

2017 Ford Raptor

4. How do you use your truck?

It's my daily driver to work and I often take to job sites. I'm a partner of a civil engineering firm so I'm typically off-road at construction sites. I also use it to take my daughter to school and will soon be taking another little girl to daycare everyday (expecting Sept 12th), so there are always car seats in the back, lol. I bought the truck back in December 2018 and got involved with the Raptor off-road community in October 2019 and have been attending all of The Off-Road Revolution (TORR) events ever since. 

5. Current modifications to your truck?

So many to list but they're all on my website, but here are the main ones:

  • MPT Performance tune
  • SVC Intercooler
  • Roush CAI
  • MBRP X-pipe
  • Deavers
  • RPG Traction Bars
  • SVC Bump Stops
  • Fox 3.0 Shocks
  • Camburg UCA
  • Ford Beadlocks
  • Ford Performance Rear Diff Cover
  • R1 Concepts Brake Kit
  • ADD Pro Bolt On Bumper
  • Evil Manufacturing Roof Light Rack
  • BuiltRight Goodies (dash mount, backseat molle panels, underseat storage panel, molle pouches, tech plate, bedside panels)
  • ARB compressor
  • RPG tire rack
  • KHC bed supports...then all the goodies bolted to the BuiltRight panels.

6. Do you have a favorite modification?

Honestly, I love the backseat MOLLE panels because it lets me organize my truck stuff on one side my daughter's stuff on the other. I have different MOLLE pouches for her stuff, trashcan, drink cooler bag and tablet Ram mount for everyday use. Other than that, I love the tire rack because I've always loved the 2 spare tire look on Raptors. Also, all of my suspension mods have made the truck that much more fun off-road too.

7. What drove you to choose BuiltRight?

I saw another truck at an event that had some items organized in the back and I loved that idea. I had 2 swing cases and one was broken at my first off-road event. After that I pulled them out, upgraded to the bedside panels and haven't had an issue since! Then, I saw another truck with the dash mount and I was upgrading radios to a built-in and needed a mount, so I ordered one and now use it all the time for my phone, radio and tablet mount. And seriously, every time you guys come out with something new, I realize I need one to help organize the truck even more!


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