Build Breakdown - Colin's 2022 Ford Maverick

Meet Colin

1. Name?

Colin aka BlueTheMav

2. Where are you from?

Southern California

3. What kind of vehicle do you drive?

2022 Ford Maverick XLT AWD

4. How do you use your truck?

The Maverick is my daily! I use it to drive to work (26mpg @ 35mi each way), I take it off-road, pick up groceries, and carry gear. I bought it because I needed more than my last Subaru Impreza, but it would have been difficult to 1.) afford a mid-size truck (little less a full size truck) and 2.) FIT a larger truck in our apartment parking spaces/garage. The Maverick goes back to the days of the early 2000's Ranger, and Ford really made the Maverick a "less is more" type of vehicle. Say what you will about it being a "truck," the Maverick does everything I need and want it to do and more! And, I get to be at the forefront testing new products in a market that manufacturers are only starting to break into which is exciting.

5. Current modifications to your truck?

-BuiltRight MOLLE Bedside Rack w/ brackets

-Rokblokz Mudflaps

-Akro 3D Printed Cabin Products

- And much, much more in the works!

6. Do you have a favorite modification?

The MOLLE Bedside Rack from BuiltRight is the most exciting mod I've purchased so far with a ton of possibilities to make my own. The DeeZee Tailgate dampener has been a MUST for any Maverick (or truck in general) without a dampener. It's been such a simple game changer and only $35.

7. What drove you to choose BuiltRight?

Like I mentioned earlier, owning a vehicle brand new to the market has the exciting benefit of new products out there racing to produce quality products to meet the demand. And in some cases, it's to develop the demand consumers didn't know they wanted originally. I had little idea MOLLE racks for truck beds were a thing until I saw BuiltRight, and I was immediately interested. They hadn't even had a product on the market for the Maverick, but I learned they had one in the works. So I pestered their team asking for updates until it finally hit the market. During that time I found other companies doing something similar, but nothing had the sense of quality that BuiltRight embodies. And I'm glad I waited. I was super excited to get my hands on BuiltRight's product; it's designed and manufactured with attention to detail specifically for your vehicle. I retain access to bedside cubbies, bed rail, and it doesn't interfere with my tonneau cover. I couldn't recommend this product enough to anyone interested in upping their vehicle's capabilities.

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