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For some, it’s easy to stare at the SxS parked in your garage, or next to your camp, or on your trailer after a long day on the trails, and dismiss it’s complexity in order to simply enjoy it’s function. Those people won’t find the things that we’ll cover here at BuiltRight interesting. To understand how we can improve upon the already stellar performance of a Polaris RZR, we must first acknowledge that like any other ATV, UTV or SxS, the RZR isn’t an optimized machine. It’s the result of strict timelines, tight cost targets, diverse customer demographics and manufacturing limitations.

For the same reason that your Toyota Camry may need snow tires in the winter, or an upgraded sound system if you have a particularly keen ear, a factory spec UTV is a series of compromises to best fit the greatest number of customers.  In that respect, the engineers over at Polaris nailed it, but you aren’t reading this because you’re the average customer. You’re here because you demand more from your machine.

We’ll be breaking down each primary system of a UTV and working backwards to identify the compromises that were made, the justifications for them and the solutions for those of us that refuse to accept anything but the best. If (when) we come across an area where we don’t believe a proper solution is currently available, we’ll make one available!

The most obvious starting point from a performance perspective is in the front and rear suspension of the RZR. The reason for this is that Polaris RZRs are used across the world in all kinds of environments, for all kinds of purposes and on all kinds of terrain. A machine designed to excel in the mud won’t perform on rocks or in he sand. The area where we expect to find the greatest amount of compromise is in the design decisions made during development of the suspension system. Enthusiasts often mistake the shortcomings of a RZR in a particular environment as an engineering error. The truth is, the RZR is intentionally good at everything, but great at nothing.

Before dig way into the suspension, though, there is some 'low hanging fruit' that we believe are easy and necessary additions to your new Polaris RZR and we'll knock those out quickly. Some are performance based and others are simply useful accessories.

Throughout the process, we’d love to have you guys involved in the discussion as much as possible, as you bring a wide range of experiences and technical knowledge.

Thanks for reading!

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