BuiltRight Shop Update

It’s been a wild week here at the shop, so I figured there’s no better time to fill in some details about recent additions and developments. Everyone has been absolutely crushing it daily, we’ve had great traction and have seen a lot of growth since the start of the year, so we’re hitting the gas and rising to the occasion! This means that we’re getting much more efficient implementing new systems, processes and devices that make our workflows easier, allowing us to do that much more. 

Within the past month we added another few bays of pallet racking to accommodate for the increase in inventory we’ve been needing to keep on hand, the guys are now able to have some breathing room when shuffling stock, which is always helpful.

BuiltRight Industries Headquarters Warehouse Pallet Racking

Ever since the video of Matt explaining our Rear Seat Release went viral, we’ve been trying to keep up with the demand for them. It’s a great problem to have, although it has definitely still been a problem. But along came Charlie, a huge asset to our team who is assisting us with Rear Seat Release production and helping us keep the wheels on the bus. Welcome to the team Charlie!

BuiltRight Industries Assembly Floor

Some production assistance we’ve implemented recently has been much more mechanical, from sticker dispensing machines to air bubble void fill machines, we have been adding some fun toys to the arsenal! Saving time by reducing physical movement during production and mechanizing more simple tasks like refilling void fill containers and peeling labels off rolls has made a surprisingly big difference in operations build times. We have specifically added two automatic air bubble machines from Sealed Air, and a few automatic label dispenser machines. These are all keeping Matty, Dennis, Luke, Tom and Charlie flowing through builds!

BuiltRight Industries Hardware Organization and Bubble Wrap Machine

We’ve started using the expansion space for additional storage, some for vehicles, some for business related goods, some for Beenen’s personal tire collection… whatever it may be, we’re using the space more recently and have had a need for better lighting than the few incandescent tubes that have been in there since construction. Matt picked up a ‘Hyperlite LED High Bay’ light to test out a while back, and after playing around with it he ordered at least 5 more with the sole intent of replacing the incandescent fixtures in the expansion space with them. This past week he put on his electrician hat and rented a scissor lift getting them all hung and wired in a few days, transforming our dim storage cavern into an incredibly well-illuminated space.

Speaking of hanging, we had some real electricians working here today installing three electric drops for our assembly table areas! This is huge news for us because we’ve been dealing with duct tape, flat cable housings and extension cords all over the floor since moving in. The guys have been lifting cords for pallets of material traveling between assembly and the warehouse multiple times per day... we can’t wait to see how build setup and reset times will be impacted by not needing to play extension cord jump rope!

BuiltRight Industries Automatic Sticker Machine

On the pick/pack/ship side of operations, we picked up a new pallet scale for shipping and receiving bigger merchandising/wholesale orders, and we’ll be setting up another packing station within the coming week! That being said, we are still looking to hire more help here. We have openings for a couple positions currently, if you or someone you know is interested, please click here to be brought to our careers page to learn more. 

Packing Orders with an Automatic Air Bubble Void Fill Machine

Finally, the great folks over at Claris Design • Build wrote up a sweet blog article about us and our mission here at BuiltRight. They were fantastic throughout the process of building our new location, and we couldn’t recommend them more! Check them out by clicking here. Thanks for reading!

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