24 Essentials to Keep in YOUR Daily Driver

It's starting to warm up here in the Northeast and we're excited to get outside, enjoy the sun and start using our trucks for more than just transportation. Matt originally founded BuiltRight around safely storing and securing gear, specifically for off road recreation and daily use. A few months back we shared our top winter essentials to keep in your vehicle during the colder months, so today we're covering our '3 season' everyday carry items. Many of these items might seem obvious to those of you who actively stay prepared, but if you're anything like us, it's always helpful to see what others are keeping on board so you don't forget any useful additions to your loadout. 

- Fire Extinguisher. You never know when you'll come across something burning...

- First Aid Kit. Common sense people! Be prepared to fix some common wounds.

- Flashlight. Your phone's flashlight works, but we try to opt for a dedicated unit.

- Simple Tool Kit. Being able to make straightforward repairs to equipment is huge.

- Tire Repair Kit. We all hate getting caught with a flat tire. Get a plug kit and fix it!

- Leatherman/Multitool. Every single day I carry my Leatherman I use it. 'Nuff said.

- Flares. These are frequently overlooked and quickly get the attention of others!

- Air Compressor/PowerTank. It's always good to be able to air tires up and down.

- Jumper Cables/Jump Pack. To help you or other motorists, they're a must have.

- Phone Charger. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Don't get a caught without one.

- Recovery Strap + Shackles. Going somewhere you might get stuck? Bring 'em.

- Traction Boards. We always trust our MAXTRAX for getting some extra grip!

- Bungees/Ratchet Straps. These are always great for securing gear temporarily.

- Sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses also gets overlooked often. Glare sucks!

- Extra Food + Water. If you could get stranded for a little while, keep rations.

- Extra Set of Clothes. Always keep a backup set of clothes... just in case!

- Knife. Fixed or folding blade, it doesn't matter, just a good tool to keep handy.

- Duct Tape. It can fix almost anything. If you don't have a roll on board... why not?

- Zip Ties. Same mindset as the duct tape, you never know! They're handy.

- Your 'favorite level' of protection. This is up to you! Sidearm, pepper spray, etc.

- Full tank of gas OR an extra fuel tank in the bed. Running out of gas is the pits.

- Window Punch/Seatbelt Cutter Tool. Great point Michael, thanks for the comment!

- Accessible Spare Tire. This is also a must - not only in the winter. Thanks Dennis!

- Starbucks gift card... For all you Raptor guys of course, the drive thru awaits.

I hope this list reminded you of a few essential everyday carry items for your rig! Keep in mind, if there's more than one of you in your party, plan accordingly of course. And however you decide to keep this gear with you, make sure you're not creating a bunch of hazardous projectiles inside your vehicle. Our rigid seat back MOLLE, bedside racks, dash mounts and soft universal storage solutions are perfect for this. The BuiltRight mantra, Secure Your Gear, serves as a reminder to always keep equipment locked down, just in case you encounter some 'unexpected motion'. I know I need to run a couple errands before we take the truck out camping for the first time this season... Don't forget, it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it! 


  • Max Mayone

    Great points guys! We always appreciate the insight. And Dennis we’ll see if there’s a good product opportunity there! I’m sure there are still a few things we shouldn’t be traveling without that can be added to the list, what else do YOU keep on board? (I personally always keep a roll of TP in a plastic bag… while I call them ‘roll tissues’, you never know what situation you could find yourself in!)

  • Michael Cohn

    This is an excellent list. The only change/recommendation I would make is since there is both a multi-tool (has a knife) and knife on this list, exchange the knife for a window breaker/seatbelt cutter. This would be invaluable considering the bridge collapse the other day. If you service the fall, you’ll want a way to get yourself out of the vehicle.

  • Dennis Massingham

    A spare tire in the bed, so when it’s -45F with a 30 MPH wind in the oil patch, you can still change a flat because the OEM spare mount is frozen. Hmmm whom could design something like that?

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