Introducing Mountech - Meticulously Engineered Device Mounting Hardware

mountech dash mount and attachments

Longtime BuiltRight Industries friends and customers know that in 2017, I had an idea that I thought I could change the way truck owners utilize their truck beds. From the garage of my home in Minnesota, I worked day and night to get BuiltRight off the ground. Today, we occupy a new 35,000sqft facility and have an extremely talented team of people who come together every day to build on that mission.

New product ideas have always come from customers, team members and the communities that we're a part of. Often times, those ideas come from frustration. In the six years since we started selling Dash Mounts, our customers have been frustrated. They/you want a complete solution and while our Dash Mounts are the very best, we've never had the perfect answer regarding what a user should mount to them and 'it depends' isn't good enough.

We did our research and started buying RAM Mounts products in bulk, creating kits that we knew would work well for a large portion of our customers. RAM is generally regarded as the gold standard in device mounting hardware for commercial industries, so why not us?!

Well, many thousands of kits later, we have our own frustrations. Frustration with the performance of the existing components, frustration with the failures that we see in cheaper options that our customers sometimes use but most of all, we were frustrated that our customers trusted us to recommend the best solution and we fell short.

Introducing Mountech.


I've long had this idea, even before making our Dash Mounts, that a beautiful, fully CNC machined, no-expense-spared ball and socket mounting system would be a perfect compliment to our Dash Mounts. Like super-functional art on a dashboard. The problem has always been that it seemed too difficult, too expensive or too time consuming. Six months ago, I decided that I didn't care. I wanted something like that holding my phone, so surely there must be at least a few others out there.

We got to work and developed exactly what I'd envisioned.

  • Each piece is CNC machined from aluminum and finished with a beautiful blasted texture and a 'storm gray' anodized finish.
  • We invented the Spinlok™ system that keeps ball mounts from spinning and shifting, a problem many people have over time.
  • We designed arms that tighten with only a single thumb screw and offer more angle of adjustment than anything on the market.
Mountech Cell Phone ball and socket arm

Mountech components are not intended to compete with cheap plastic mounts, carbon fiber tubes glued together with way too many pieces nor the RAM Mounts lineup that it's replacing in our store. We believe it's a unique solution for a specific group of folks who want the best. We don't need to sell 1,000 kits or even 100 for the effort to have been worth it. We build the products that we want to use in our own trucks and we've finally got device holders that we're proud to install.

Please feel free to explore the Mountech offerings here on the BuiltRight site as well as the complete lineup over at Mountech USA. I hope this answered some questions or inspired you to reconsider the device mounting solutions that you're using today!

Matt Beenen, Founder

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