BuiltRight Industries Granted Utility Patent for Rear Seat Release Product Line - US Pat No. 11,400,854

On August 2, 2022, BuiltRight Industries was granted a full, non-provisional utility patent for the Rear Seat Release product line (US Patent No. 11,400,854 B2). The process of obtaining this patent began with a provisional application on September 22, 2017. In the time since the original application, this became a product line where hundreds of poor quality knockoffs and counterfeits were being sold in every corner of the internet. I wrote an article on linkedin at the time, which became pretty popular.

builtright patent

Now, armed with the utility patent needed to protect this product and many possible embodiments of it, BuiltRight is taking action against infringing manufacturers and resellers. We've been successful in having over 30 resellers banned from selling the product on Amazon and have cases open against many more.

When a business is built on spending time and resources developing unique and innovative products, a key part of continued success is protecting that investment. We've known that since day one and it's the reason we knew to file a patent application before we even had the revenue to pay the legal fees. Protecting our IP is a part of our long-term business strategy and we'll continue to invest heavily in that effort. We've chosen to work with an attorney who specializes in the automotive aftermarket and has a track record of successfully enforcing domestically and abroad.

All inquiries regarding BuiltRight patent and trademark enforcement and licensing should be directed directly to Jeffrey Banyas at Edwin A. Sisson in Medina, OH.

rear seat release patent


Applicant: BuiltRight Industries LLC

Inventor: Matt Beenen

Assignee: BuiltRight Industries

Filed: Sep. 21, 2018

Provisional application No. 62/561,774, filed Sep. 22, 2017

Full text and figures: PATENT PDF

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