2021+ F-150 License Plate Relocation Kit Design

Since we launched our License Plate Relocation Kits for the Ford Bronco, we've been getting non-stop requests for similar mounts on just about every vehicle we support. The F-150, unsurprisingly, is at the top of the list. Now, there are a couple other options out there that work well for some, so we knew that if we were to make one, it would need to be different. We went for simplicity and affordability.

What started as a late night in the shop working to catch up on packing and shipping orders turned into an even later night of product development as a team. We kicked around ideas, 3D scanned our F-150, modeled a concept in Solidworks, plasma cut prototypes and ultimately settled on a design. After a couple weeks of testing and making adjustments for manufacturing, the F-150 License Plate Relocation Kit was ready for prime time.

We started a full production run shortly after this night and today, we've got kits on the shelf ready to ship!

Check out a quick video of the process HERE.


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