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Ford Lightning

These 2022 trucks are badass and the combination of old-school Ford durability and new technology make them a great platform. We've updated our products to make use of the space and mounting features in the 2021 and newer F-series.

Interior Gear

Exterior Gear

Universal Gear

Interior Organization

The cab of your Lightning is perhaps the most important area to have organized. Not only is an organized cab safer in an accident but in a pinch, you'll be much more likely to find what you need when you've got the best organization products in the world helping you.

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Lightning Dash Mounts

A big part of interior Lightning organization is making sure that you're critical devices have a home and that in the event of an accident, they'll still be there waiting for you. We're working on an excellent solution. In the mean time, check out the mounts we make for other trucks.

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Ford Packout Mounts

The BuiltRight Mounting Bracket for Milwaukee Packout Systems is an excellent way to mount your packout boxes in the bed of your truck without concern for where they'll be when you get to the next job.

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Dedication to Innovation

F-150, Lightning and Raptor Organization

At the core of each BuiltRight Industries patent is a Ford F-series Organizational product. The Ford trucks lineup continues to be our test bed for the latest and greatest BuiltRight solutions. We drive Ford trucks, we love Ford trucks and they're what inspire our products.