Installation Guide: 2-Door Bronco Cargo Area MOLLE Panels

Required Tools

- Ratchet (Cordless is optional if you have it)
- T50 Torx Socket or L-shaped Key
- 3/8” Socket
- 10mm Socket
- 5/32" Allen Key
- Pick tool, prying tool, or small screw driver

Required Tools 


- Installation of the panels is the same on both driver and passenger side; however, the parts are side specific.

Consider which accessories you will be mounting before installation. While it is easier to install items on the panel without it being mounted in your vehicle, it is still possible to mount accessories after using our MOLLE nuts.



1. Begin by using a pick tool to pull the plastic covers from the stock tie downs. Pry up and pull forward to remove. Repeat on both the front and rear tie downs.

Removing Plastic Cover

2. Using your 10mm Socket, remove the bolts securing the stock tie downs. Place to the side as you’ll be using these soon.

Removing Tie Down Bolts

3. Slide the bracket under the carpeted subfloor from the rear towards the front. Align holes on the bracket with the stock tie down holes and ensure the upright tabs are pinched between the subfloor and interior plastic. If you are concerned about scratching the interior plastics while sliding the bracket, lining the area with painter’s tape will help protect it.

Sliding Lower Bracket into Place

4. Reinstall the stock tie downs and bolts. Make sure to start these by hand to ensure they are threaded properly before tightening down with your ratchet. Then click the plastic tie down covers back into place.

5. Sliding the panel into position, you’ll notice two T50 Torx bolts attaching the hard top to the vehicle's body, which line up with the top slots on the panel. Loosen, but do not remove these bolts with your ratchet, as you will be sliding the top of the panel into position, aligning the slots with these bolts. Before sliding the panel into place, ensure your seat belt strap is not trapped between the bolts, behind the panel.

Loosening Top Stock Bolts

6. Position the panel's top slots under the bolt heads, do not tighten down yet.

7. Using the included button-head fasteners, secure the panel to the lower bracket using your 5/32 inch Allen Key. Be careful not to cross thread.

Installing Lower Bracket Hardware

8. Now, the top T50 Torx bolts can be tightened down. Make sure the panel is secured against the stock hardware. And, that's it!

Tightening Down Top Hardware

We hope you found this installation straightforward and this guide helpful. Additional guidance can be found in the installation video on our YouTube.

No worries if you’re still having trouble! We're only a phone call, email, or direct message away from answering your questions.

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