TORR Fiesta at The FIRM Photobook

The Off-Road Revolution (TORR) invited us down to their Fiesta at The FIRM last weekend in Starke Florida at the Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park! We obviously couldn't turn down that offer, so Matty and I flew down to Jacksonville on Friday for an action-packed weekend of off-roading and connecting with you guys!
We got an early on start Saturday morning and were all set up before the track opened and the driver's meeting. Every generation of Raptor was well-represented, we saw a couple of clean Raptor-converted F-150's, a Bronco Raptor and a pair of RAM TRX's. The energy was palpable, everyone was chomping at the bit and ready to get driving - the competition was bound to be close!
Shoutout to Brian (@dirty_ruby_raptor on Instagram) for his hospitality throughout the weekend, and for giving us a tour of his Gen2 Raptor fully outfitted with our Bedside MOLLE Panels, pouches and Seat Back MOLLE Kits.
Back in the pits we found guys adjusting suspension, shedding spare tires from their beds, some adding them back for weight distribution over jumps, but we found everyone using a host of rugged equipment to secure their essentials while running the course. 
Chris was kind enough to give me and Matty ride alongs in his 'mostly stock' Gen2 Raptor, thoroughly outfitted with our Bedside MOLLE Panels, Seat Back MOLLE Kit and a handful of Universal Velcro Tech Panels on the bottom of his rear seat. Other than the fact that he sent his truck hard through the course with us, Matty and I really got to see our products in use first-hand. This sport can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you're pushing your vehicle with unsecured gear inside.
The competition was really close, and even though TORR events are traditionally Raptor-centric, the top three runs (first to third) were made by Brad in his blue RAM TRX, Chris in his black Gen2 Raptor decked out with our gear, and Tor in his entirely stock (except for cargo MOLLE) Bronco Raptor! We had the pleasure of getting to know all three of these wheelmen over the weekend, and we couldn't have picked a better lineup based on the driving we saw! Each trophy and prize was well-deserved, we can't wait to see who comes out to challenge them here next year.
Huge thank you again to TORR and everyone involved in putting on this event, they welcomed us into their weekend with open arms, coolers and showed us an awesome time. If you've been itching to push your truck, see what it can do and really get to drive it hard, check out The Off-Road Revolution - you won't regret it! These guys always have a great time on and off the track. Check out their Facebook page by clicking here, check out their Instagram by clicking here. We can't wait for next time!

Watch our full event recap video below:

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