The BuiltRight Utility Spatula is COMPLETE

One of the most absurd products we've ever brought to market is finally finished. The 'BuiltRight Utility Spatula PRO', or as we've been been referring to it, the 'Tactical Spatula' is finally completed and shipping now (but yes, it is currently SOLD OUT).

RAW Metal Tactical Spatulas

This project started on April Fool's Day 2023, and just like in 2022, we committed to actually creating a funny, unique and badass product for you guys to own. In 2022 we developed "WOLLE", a Wheel-Mounted MOLLE Panel that pointlessly allowed you to secure gear onto the rotating face of your vehicle's wheels, comically spinning anything attached and creating a massive hazard for everyone nearby. We obviously didn't create such a ridiculous joke of a product other than our media-only prototype, even though a few of you legitimately wanted to buy them for your spare tires... but we did in fact make some Mini-WOLLE Panels, a commemorative coaster/bottle opener that looks awesome and functions flawlessly. The Mini-WOLLE Panels were sweet and all, but this year we felt like stepping it up. Come mid-March, the B.U.S. PRO was born.

Matt and Matty Assembling Tactical Spatulas

This overbuilt solution to many grillmasters' problems allows for essential attachments such as cup holders, flashlights, POV cameras, a BBQ sauce holder, you get the idea. We know this is a relatively subpar spatula when it comes to normal spatula duties... BUT what it lacks in the usability department, it makes up for with endless accessorizing opportunities, laser engraved billet CNC handles, stainless hardware, a perfect bottle opener and our LIFETIME warranty. Honestly, we're just amazed that some of y'all bought this thing.

Completed Tactical Spatula

Check back April 1st 2024, we'll have something else ridiculous cooking up by then! Please let us know what you'd like to see in future blog posts and YouTube videos down in the comments below! New Building BuiltRight episodes go live every Monday around 5pm EST. Tune in weekly to see product development, warehouse shenanigans and MUCH more.

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