BuiltRight Perfect-Fit Stubby Antennas

We got tired of seeing stubby antennas from other companies that aren't made to fit the truck they're being installed on... and we really got tired of seeing bullet antennas - but that's another story for another time. A few years ago, Matt decided to put an end to the stubby antenna madness altogether and set a new industry standard with our BuiltRight Industries Perfect-Fit Stubby Antenna.

We make these precisely-machined perfect-fit stubbies for Ford F-150/Raptor/Lightning, Super Duty, Bronco, Ranger, Maverick, Bronco Sport, GMC/Chevy 1500 and HD trucks and Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator. If we don't support your vehicle just yet, please reach out to our customer support and let us know what you're working with - we'll get you added to the list and give you a shout when it becomes available!

Our antenna's sleek design stands proudly in place of that annoying factory whip antenna that bounces everywhere. It is CNC machined aluminum and anodized black with a robust stainless steel stud. Unless you're the 1% of our customer base who still listens to AM radio, this Perfect-Fit Stubby is one of the best first mods to do on any vehicle. The install is ridiculously simple, lefty loosey then righty tighty! 

But a word of advice from Matt: do NOT use Loctite or any other thread locker on your antenna, even if you're worried it might get stolen. If someone tries to remove your antenna after you've applied thread locker (no matter the color...) the internals underneath the antenna's mounting base can dislodge and make quite a mess.  

We've seen this happen once or twice before unfortunately, and while of course we'll replace your destroyed or stolen antenna, we can't repair or replace the base where the antenna screws down into the truck. Don't make a problem for future you! 

Many of you are already familiar with the Nerf dart-esque Stubby Antenna we designed and produced as an April Fools Day product for Ford and Jeep... while it was a light-hearted jab at the common bullet antenna we see way too often, you guys loved it and we've been selling them daily ever since. 

As mentioned previously, this antenna does not improve your radio signal. It won't render your radio useless by any means, you just might not get the same level of reception you did with that giant OEM whip antenna. We did not design it to improve your reception... honestly everyone we know either listens to their audio through Bluetooth, Carplay or to the sound of their engine.

Explore our BuiltRight Perfect-Fit Stubby Antennas by clicking here!


  • Cory @ BuiltRight

    Unfortunately at this time we do not have an offering for your truck , sorry!

  • Robert Mamer

    Do you have antenna for 2013 F250?

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