The Bulkhead Accessory Rail (BAR) System

Our Bulkhead Accessory Rail is one of the most modular and robust cab wall truck storage solutions available on the market. This seemingly simple design was on our back burner for years, but when we needed a perfect solution for Ford F-150/Raptor cab wall storage, we dusted it off. After multiple iterations on the original concept, we've created a BAR system for Ford Super Duty, F-150/Raptor and Toyota Tundra. We sell Bulkhead Accessory Rails alone and in Stage Kits with Universal MOLLE Tech Plates and Mounts and Attachments.

We drive our product development significantly based on customer requests - please reach out and let us know if you're interested in a BAR system for a truck we don't support yet, we'll add you to the list and you'll also be the first to know when it becomes available. 

The main attraction of the Bulkhead Accessory Rail is a single piece of aluminum extrusion that spans the width of your truck's bed. This part is cut perfectly to size for your vehicle, anodized black and offers a rugged and versatile 3" mounting face for you to secure gear and essentials. We find that pairing the BAR with our Rigid MOLLE Tech Plates, Mounts and Attachments gives you the most functional, modular storage possible.

The mounting brackets for each BAR kit are 10ga corrosion resistant steel, and powder coated in our signature texture black finish to hold up to daily use and abuse. They bolt up seamlessly to the mounting locations for the two front tie-downs in your truck's bed, and the kit comes with all the hardware needed to install the BAR and start accessorizing. The brackets are engineered to have additional tie down openings for added functionality and to replace the OEM tie-down loop if you decide not to reinstall it over the BAR bracket like we did in the F-150.

With the stainless steel button head screws and t-slot nuts included in the BAR’s hardware kit, installation is a breeze. The button head screws securely fasten the BAR extrusion to the mounting brackets using slide-in t-slot nuts, while the drop-in t-slot nuts that we provide in the accessory hardware kit facilitate easy accessory mounting and quick adjustments. The hassle-free installation process means you can spend less time assembling and more time enjoying your organized truck!

Just like many of you, we use the Milwaukee Packout modular gear storage system, but what we really love is being able to secure them in our vehicles on the BAR, our Seat Back MOLLE or Bedside MOLLE Panels. Our Mounting Bracket Kits for Packout open up countless possibilities for organizing half and full size boxes vertically or horizontally on our block and slot MOLLE pattern. We often see them used on our Universal Rigid Tech Plates, allowing you to secure gear anywhere you can mount one our 5 sizes. Using the accessory mounting hardware kit included with the BAR system lets you mount one of these panels to the BAR in minutes.

One of the standout features of our BAR system is its modularity. Need to reconfigure your storage setup for different seasons or projects? It's simple to adjust and swap out Rigid Tech Plates, Mounts and Attachments along the extrusion by using the drop-in nuts included in the accessory hardware kit. From mounting hand tools to securing larger equipment, tool boxes, traction boards and bike forks, the possibilities are almost endless with this adaptable solution. As we always recommend, get creative with it! Tag us on social media @BuiltRightInd with your storage solutions if you're into all of that. Learn more about the Bulkhead Accessory Rail by clicking here!

Watch our full Product Deep Dive on the BAR below: 

Click here to watch our Super Duty Bulkhead Accessory Rail Install Guide. To watch our F-150/Raptor BAR Install Guide click here.


  • Ron Fuller

    Need for 2014 Gen 1 Raptor

  • Cory @ BuiltRight

    Ill get that added to our product development idea list!

  • Raul

    I would greatly like to see this BAR system for 2010 F150

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