Installing COBB Tuning's Redline Carbon Fiber Intake + Scoop on the Raptor

Matt Unboxes the COBB Redline Carbon Fiber Intake Scoop for the Raptor

This past week we revisited our 2023 Ford Raptor Build by installing COBB Tuning’s Redline Carbon Fiber Air Intake and Scoop Systems. These parts are ridiculously lightweight, perfectly formed, and the installation was very smooth thanks to their easy-to-navigate online instructions and photos. We were enamored by the parts themselves, the overall attention-to-detail and notable packaging. As engineers who appreciate quality packaging and shipping products in a manner that suits their value, COBB receives an 11/10.

Matt Installing the COBB Redline Carbon Fiber Intake Scoop

Matt designed air intakes at a previous job, but it’s been a while since he last installed one, so referring back to the online instructions and installation photos was extremely helpful throughout the process. COBB is a company full of enthusiasts who legitimately use and test their products… because of this, their customer support, FAQs and guides are readily available, easy to follow, and their parts are designed to maximize the user experience. COBB is truly a leader in this segment of the aftermarket, they are continuously advancing and developing new technologies, and always set the bar high.

Matt Installing the COBB Redline Carbon Fiber Air Intake

Regarding the technical specs of this system and any performance increases, we can’t say too much yet. Audibly there is a little more intake noise with the Redline system than stock, but we’ve only noticed that with the hood up inside the shop. The engine bay sure looks a lot nicer, and we know that the carbon air scoop will be a lot more structurally sound than stock.

COBB Tuning Redline Carbon Fiber Air Intake and Scoop for Ford Raptor

We have yet to install the COBB intercooler and accessport, but once we have all of the pieces put together, we should be making some decent power numbers. Gen 3 Raptors with COBB’s full kit have been pushing 100hp more than stock, so we can’t wait to see what sort of trouble we can get into. We'll be doing more performance mods on the Raptor in the next couple weeks, check back soon! 

COBB Redline Carbon Fiber Air Intake System for Raptor Installed

Thank you again to COBB Tuning for partnering with us on our 2023 Raptor Build, you guys know where to look for airflow technology and go-fast parts for your Raptor or supported vehicle. Watch NOW to learn more about COBB Tuning and see Matt unbox and install these parts!


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