Cybertruck Bedside MOLLE Panel Prototyping

It’s here… the first Cybertrucks are now being delivered and we’ve been developing our signature Bedside MOLLE Panels (and a sweet bed divider) for this absurd vehicle in the background for a little while now. We’re excited to finally be able to show you guys this large prototype! While OEM CAD data and exact manufacturer bed dimensions were not available when we began designing these panels and recorded this video, we got a pretty detailed ‘napkin sketch’ laid out in CAD.

Cutting Cybertruck Bedside MOLLE Panels on Plasma Table

In this episode of Building BuiltRight Matt cuts, grinds, bends and tack-welds our first prototype Cybertruck Bedside MOLLE Panel out of 12 guage steel. While we're working with some vague dimensions at the moment, we can at least get an idea of the practical size and complexity of this panel and its angles. Production parts will be made out of 1/8” aluminum and will fit the bed very precisely, while still allowing access to all factory storage compartments and bed features - once we have the opportunity to test fit these things on a truck of course... *cough* Elon *cough*. You can pre-order these Bedside MOLLE Panels for your Cybertruck here!

Welding Cybertruck Bedside MOLLE Panel Prototypes

The Cybertruck has more angles than an origami crane, so naturally our bedside racks will have to reflect that. Our panels almost always mimic the exact shape of a bed/bedliner, so Matt found himself working with some unique bends for this prototype. We'll be bolting to the L-Track Tesla decided to use in the bed along with a couple of other tie downs, so installation should be pretty painless. This also means that folks will be able to mount other accessories to the L-Track without having to adjust or move the bedside MOLLE panels. We've finalized our Bed Divider design for the Cybertruck, which will interface perfectly with the bedside panels and make securing any loose gear a breeze. That being said, we will most likely design a custom L-Track attachment cleat for mounting. While there are currently viable solutions out there for mounting to L-Track, our own perfectly-tailored part will be the best solution for this application.

Bolting Cybertruck Bedside MOLLE Panel Prototype to L-Track

We can't wait to share a prototype Cybertruck Bed Divider with you, so keep an eye out for that video/blog post coming soon! Please let us know what you'd like to see in future blog posts and YouTube episodes in the comments below. New videos go live every Monday around 5pm EST - tune in weekly to see product development, warehouse shenanigans and much more!

Full Cybertruck Bedside MOLLE Panel Prototype

Watch the full Cybertruck Bedside MOLLE Panel Prototype video:


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