BuiltRight Industries Announces Strategic Acquisition of Primal Geometry LLC


BuiltRight Industries Announces Strategic Acquisition of Primal Geometry LLC to Enhance its Mountech Brand Offerings

New Milford, CT, March 21, 2024 -- BuiltRight Industries, a leading innovator in the automotive aftermarket industry, specializing in high-quality gear mounting systems for trucks and SUVs, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Primal Geometry LLC in a strategic asset sale. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in BuiltRight Industries' mission to expand and diversify its product lineup under the Mountech brand, which is dedicated to providing universal mounting solutions for automotive, marine and defense applications.

Primal Geometry, known for its design and development of an innovative and patent pending fishing rod mounting solution, will integrate its flagship product into the Mountech brand's growing portfolio. This move is aimed at enhancing the experience of anglers and outdoor enthusiasts by providing a secure, simple, and quickly accessible way to transport fishing rods inside their vehicles.

"The acquisition of Primal Geometry LLC and their innovative fishing rod holder is a perfect fit for BuiltRight Industries and our Mountech brand. It underscores our commitment to delivering functional accessories that meet the specific needs of our customers," said Matt Beenen, President of BuiltRight Industries. “We’ve had BuiltRight customers asking for a fishing rod holder solution for years and we’re excited to grow this unique Rod Rig platform into a variety of solutions for those folks.”

The integration of Primal Geometry's fishing rod mounting solution into the Mountech brand is a testament to BuiltRight Industries' vision of fostering a lifestyle where convenience and accessibility go hand-in-hand with outdoor adventure. The Rod Rig™ product will be available through the mountechusa.com retail site on March 22, 2024 and through wider distribution later in the year.

For more information about Builtright Industries, please visit builtrightind.com. To see The Rod Rig™ by Mountech, please visit mountechmarine.com.

About Builtright Industries:

BuiltRight Industries is a premier manufacturer of gear mounting accessories designed for trucks and SUVs. With a focus on quality, innovation, and functionality, BuiltRight Industries aims to enhance the driving and outdoor experience of vehicle owners across the globe. Through its Mountech brand, BuiltRight offers a wide range of universal mounting solutions that compliment vehicle-specific BuiltRight products and cater to various outdoor activities and lifestyle needs.

About Primal Geometry:

Primal Geometry LLC is a pioneering company in the design and development of outdoor vehicle accessories, with a special focus on the fishing community. Their innovative fishing rod mounting solution will change the way anglers transport their gear, offering security, ease, and style.

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rod rig fishing rod holder for station wagons and suvs
rod rig fishing rod holder for station wagons and suvs

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