Answering Your Top FAQs!

As many of you already know, we have a thorough and regularly updated "HELP" section at the top of our website for everyone with questions about our products and how to use them - and we're always just a phone call, email or direct message away thanks to Matt Homes, our Customer Service Manager! Considering the YouTube episode this week is all about addressing our MOST commonly asked questions, we're making sure you guys surfing the blog can stay informed too!

Q:  Your Products are Enabling Theft? 

A:  Nope! We recommend you take the same amount of care to secure the gear in your bed as you would if you weren't using our panels. Whether that's a simple cable lock, a locking tonneau cover or a bed cap, treat the equipment you store on our panels the same way you would if it wasn't mounted up out of the way.

Q:  Is your Lifetime Warranty on Every Product? 

A:  Yes! If it is a BuiltRight Industries product, we're going to stand by the product and our customers for as long as you own it.

Q:  What's Your Return Policy?

A:  If you don't love it, we don't want you to have it. Reach out, we'll work with you on a refund, it's not going to be an issue!

Q:  Do you Offer Expedited Shipping?

A:  Yes! We offer next day air, second day air, and we do offer international shipping. As long as the items in your order are currently in stock, they will go out via the method you choose! If you have any questions about shipping, please reach out to customer service.

Q:  Do You Offer Rear Seat Releases for Most Trucks?

A:  We currently only have Rear Seat Release Kits for Ford F-Series trucks, BUT we are developing them for RAM and GM trucks at the moment! They'll be coming soon, check back within the next month.

Q:  I Can Make Something That Does Exactly What Your Products Do...

A:  Awesome! We love DIY solutions too. Our products are designed and manufactured for anyone who wants OEM fit and finish and reliable functionality. We prioritize durability and easy installation that saves time. No hate from our end at all - if your DIY solution does the job, send it! (but please also send us photos of your DIY contraptions... we love seeing the ridiculous stuff you guys come up with)

Q:  Do You Run Sales/Discount Codes/Free Shipping?

A:  Yes, but only a few times a year. We don't build in margin for us to discount constantly, we're a small American-made business that can't really afford to and doesn't answer to any huge shareholders or parent companies. So we do our best to price products fairly year-round without discounts or sales. We might be doing something around tax season this year, we normally celebrate Fourth of July and Black Friday/Cyber Monday by knocking down prices a bit. We do offer a Veterans/Active Duty/First Responder discount, please reach out to customer service!

Q:  How Should I Attach MOLLE Pouches?

A:  This all depends on how securely you want your pouches to be mounted! It is simple to weave the straps on the back of our pouches or other MOLLE-compatible products once behind the MOLLE panel or mounting face, and then snap them latched. This will certainly hold your gear if it is lighter-weight and you don't plan on pulling on the pouch hard to unzip it or grab your gear. If you want to mount your pouch much more securely, we recommend weaving the pouch's straps a few times, first through the panel, then back through the pouch, then back through the panel and then snapped closed. This will keep your MOLLE pouches well-secured to your panels. Keep in mind - it's much easier to work with an empty pouch!

Q:  One of Your Pouch Pockets is Sewn Upside Down?

A:  It might look like that while the pouch is in your hands, but once it is mounted to a MOLLE panel you'll see that one of the mesh pockets inside is sewn the same direction as the other so that the pouch's contents don't dump out when it's opened while mounted vertically!

Q:  Do I Need a Dash Mount PRO or a Support Plate for my Dash Mount?

A:  It depends! Our answer is always based on where you plan on driving and how much gear you plan on mounting to your Dash Mount. If you're expecting to spend as much time off-road as you do on it, you will probably want to opt for the Dash Mount PRO/the support plate for your Dash Mount. Similarly, if you're planning on keeping a couple device holders, and a dash cam, or radar, GPS, etc, you should definitely be choosing the Dash Mount PRO option or the support plate with your Dash Mount! Our Dash Mount Standards or mounts that don't come with a support plate are perfect for folks looking to just keep a couple sturdy phones/devices mounted hands free on their dash.  

Q:  How Soon After Checkout Will My Order Ship?

A:  If you place an order of in-stock items before 2:00pm EST Monday-Friday, it will ship that same day! If we've been absolutely slammed, some product pages might show later ship dates, please always refer to the estimated ship date provided on each product page. Orders placed Saturday and Sunday ship asap on Monday, and if you haven't received a tracking number for your order after a few days, you'll get an automated email with a link to estimated ship dates for all items in your order.

Q:  Are Cuts/Modifications Needed to Install Seat Back MOLLE Kits?

A:  NO! Our rigid Seat Back MOLLE Kits are always  painstakingly engineered so that you don't need to change your vehicle permanently to install them. If you have seat covers too, they will most likely fit underneath our Seat Back Kits - our buddy Joe who let us use his Tacoma for a Seat Back MOLLE Install Guide had thicker neoprene seat covers and the panels were able to install flawlessly around them!

Q:  How Do I Mount a ______ to Your Panels?

A:  We've created some very versatile riser mounts to be used with a few commonly sized rubber clamps - we have an Original Clamp option, a Super Clamp and a Long Arm Clamp. Between these three you can secure almost anything cylindrical from about one inch to nine inches in diameter. These work for a ton of mounting applications, but for more specialized gear such as Milwaukee Packout boxes, we make dedicated mounting brackets. You might need to source a bracket for some particular gear - if you have questions about how best to mount your equipment, please reach out to customer service!

Q:  Do Your Panels Fit With Plastic Drop-In Bed Liners?

A:  Usually no, we do recommend using a bed mat or a bed rug instead of a drop-in liner. But a spray-in liner can be a perfect solution as long as your tie down points and bed plugs/openings are free and clear of material. We recommend using an exacto knife or a sharp blade to carefully score the liner where need be if it is sprayed in over these features.

Q:  Do Your Bedside Racks Fit With Tonneau Covers?

A:  Most likely. We can't accommodate for 100% of covers unfortunately because of the number of aftermarket options there are out there, but we can say that the majority will fit with our panels without light adjustments to either the panels or the cover's clamp positioning. You may need to remove a canister (rigid roll-up) tonneau cover in order to install our panels, depending on the size and if it sits in front of your BoxLink plate mounting location. Another situation where we definitely recommend contacting customer service if you have questions regarding fitment!

Q:  What's With Those Universal Velcro MOLLE Panels?

A:  They're great! We call them Tech Panels, and they're an awesome universal way to secure lighter-duty gear inside your car, SUV, truck, minivan, boat... you get the idea. If velcro sticks to the carpet-like material inside your ride, you can organize with our Tech Panels! We offer clips and attachments for them so you can keep pouches, flashlights, tools, jumper cables, first aid kits and anything rolling around your vehicle secured. 

Q:  Do Your Seat Back MOLLE Kits Fit Universally?

A:  Unfortunately no, our Seat Back MOLLE Kits will ONLY fit on the vehicles listed on each product page. They are designed very specifically for those specific seat frames and we can not guarantee cross-compatibility over other models from the same manufacturer. If you don't see your vehicle listed on a product page, PLEASE reach out and ask us to make them! We tally customer requests and directly use those numbers to plan future product development! The more people that reach out about a platform or product, the quicker we'll be able to tackle it.

Q:  The Product I Received Looks a Little Different Than in Photos/Videos?

A:  We're constantly innovating our products! Sometimes we make revisions to allow further functionality or provide a more robust, easy-to-install solution. Because of this you might see some different bits and pieces in your kit than what's pictured on the website or in install guides. If you have any questions or concerns about this, or believe that you received something incorrect - whether it's a whole panel or a piece of hardware that isn't threading up - reach out to customer service! We'll make sure you're up and running in no time. 

Pro Tip:  Outfit, THEN Install Your Panels!

We always recommend installing the gear and mounts you would like on your MOLLE panels or bedside racks before mounting them on your vehicle. This makes it much easier to access nuts and bolts or straps on either side of the panel, it saves your knuckles and makes for a more enjoyable experience overall. We also offer badass MOLLE Nuts that allow you easily and quickly mount gear to our panels while mounted, without using washers and nuts. 

Well, if you made it this far you're a lot more acquainted with BuiltRight and our modular storage solutions than MANY others! We greatly appreciate you reading/watching our content and sharing with your friends who could use our gear - click the video below if you're a visual person and want to watch Matt run through these.

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