'23 Ford Raptor Fuse Box Mount R&D

Blue Sea 12 Circuit Fuse Block for the CB Radio Going in the Raptor Build

We're finally installing the CB Radio that was originally intended for our F-150 Build! The first step is getting solid power from the truck’s battery to an auxiliary fuse box, we're using a Blue Sea 12 Circuit Block and a circuit breaker mounted in the engine bay.

Matt 3D Scanning the 2023 Ford Raptor Engine Bay

First, Matt 3D scanned the open space right above the OEM fuse box next to the battery so we could design a mounting bracket that interfaces with the 2 large flanged bolts holding it in place. 

Matt Holding the Fuse Block Next to the 3D Model of it on the Prototype Bracket

We whipped up a quick design in CAD and had a first prototype cut and ready for a test fit in no time. While the mounting functionality of the bracket was there, the ease of installation was not, so Matt went back to the drawing board and got a second prototype cut, bent and painted. 

Matt Holding the Prototype Raptor Fuse Box Bracket

This final prototype bracket was a breeze to install, it does the job perfectly and will allow us to reliably wire up the ICOM ID-5100A radio. Please let us know on our social media @builtrightind, in the comments of this blog post, or by reaching out to support@builtrightind.com if you're interested in us bringing these fuse box mounting brackets into production!

2023 Ford Raptor Prototype Auxiliary Fuse Box Mounting Bracket

In next week's episode we get the radio's antenna installed on Bulletproof Diesel's 3rd Brake Light CB Antenna Mount and the brain of the radio mounted behind the back seats on our Rear Seat Back Storage Panel with some light modifications. This project ended up being a little more involved than we expected, but we're doing it right!

Matt Installing the Blue Sea Fuse Box Cover on the Mounted Block in the Raptor's Engine Bay

Watch the full Raptor R&D video here:


  • Cory @ BuiltRight

    Awesome to see we have so much interest in this as a potential product. Your feedback definitely helps us know where to point our efforts!

  • Greg Luptowski

    I need to run 12v power to my 20 f150 truck bed to run my fridge. So I’m basically going to use your illustrated setup posted here in the video. Maybe I’ll use some 3M industrial double sided adhesive to hold in place. Until the metal is ready for order. ; )

  • Darren Doyle

    Throw my name the list of those that would buy that fuse block bracket. Up fitting my 2023 F150 with Whelen warning lights, siren and finding mounting space under the hood is a challenge.

  • Jim Newton

    I would totally buy this for my 2018 Raptor to clean up my fused wiring.
    I would think making it out of aluminum would be best, save weight, more rigid and easier to work with overall. Stainless may not be best, as it could increase galvanic corrosion if it touches the aluminum body in any way.

  • William Panzarino

    This would be an amazing modification for anyone adding modifications/aux systems to their raptor.

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