New Wheels + Tires on the 2024 Raptor And Cybertruck!

Last week we loaded up the Cybertruck with wheels and tires and visited our friends at Ace Tire and Performance in Ridgefield, CT! You may have spotted a fun collection of wheels stacked up in the background of our videos recently, and we were finally able to bring them down to get mounted.

For the Cybertruck's setup we decided to mount our T Sportline wheels on the stock tires with their aero wheel covers removed. While we enjoyed the novelty of the covers and certainly appreciate a nod toward the vehicle's angular and futuristic design, they were a little too much for us and we preferred the sporty look of the naked wheels - so they were pulled off and stayed back at the shop. Overall we greatly prefer the look of these new wheels compared to OEM. Learn more about T Sportline's Cybertruck wheels by clicking here!
For the 2024 Raptor's wheels, we landed on Method Race Wheels' 703 in Matte Black sized 17x8.5 with a +0 offset. These badass wheels have their patented Bead Grip Technology and should be perfectly suited for our needs! The guys expertly wrapped a set of meaty 37" BFGoodrich K02s on, mounted and balanced them, and then we hauled them back up to our shop to do the swap and save the crew at Ace the trouble.

Matt quickly put on the setup, torqued the new longer lugs to spec and made sure there was little to no rubbing under daily use. That being said, we would not run this setup off road currently (37" tires on stock 35" suspension) and we are eagerly awaiting our new suspension components that'll get this setup running safely on the rougher stuff. 

With these new shoes mounted and installed, our trucks are looking spiffy and ready for some fun... which wheel options would you have chosen for each truck? Let us know in a comment down below! Big thanks again to all the guys at Ace for letting us stick around and document the process. We always turn to Tom and his team for our tire and servicing needs. If you're local and need some work done, check them out on Route 7 in Ridgefield and let them know that BuiltRight sent you!

Watch the full Raptor/Cybertruck Wheels + Tires episode below:

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